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Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z teaches how to create holiday eco glam look using only natural makeup with green metallic smokey eyes

Holiday Eco Glam Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to the Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

This is another eco makeup look when I used only natural non-toxic products, this time by Delizioso Skin Care to create it!

Holiday season, as always has crept up upon me suddenly leaving me wondering when I’m going to do all these great holiday projects I had in mind.  🙂  Maybe next year?

Tis the time for anything fun, sparkly, shimmery!  Which means you have a legitimate excuse to put some extra bling on your face!  This Holiday Eco Glam Look is appropriate for an office daytime party or an evening restaurant outing.  Usually even for going-out makeup I prefer to choose only one feature of the face to focus on and either go for dramatic eyer OR lips.  However, since it’s holiday time, a little excess is allowed and even encouraged, so my Glammed Up version of this look is strong makeup all over which my lovely model pulled so nicely.  You would never guess that she doesn’t usually wear makeup!  This version of the makeup is perfect for an extravagant evening out or a New Year celebration!

Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z teaches how to create holiday eco glam look using only natural makeup with green metallic smokey eyesTHE LOOK

I did a twist on the traditional holiday colours of green and red and used olive on the eyes and pink on the lips and cheeks instead.  It’s actually a pretty combination even if it doesn’t sound like one.  It’s a softer, more feminine version of green and red that I personally wouldn’t recommend in makeup for most people.  The olive tone eyeshadow has a gold metallic finish to it and I mixed a bit of light silver to add dimension to the colours and also to add a cool tone to the eyes to tie in a cool tone pink lipstick even more.  I don’t mind mixing gold and silver as long as it’s done right.  🙂

Even with colours on the eyes being green and metallic, the makeup still ended up looking elegant with soft smokey eyes and appropriate for an office party.   It’s all about the placement and blending that makes it so wearable and that’s what I focus on explaining in the how-to technique part of my post below.

Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z teaches how to create holiday eco glam look using only natural makeup with green metallic smokey eyes



Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z teaches how to create holiday eco glam look using only natural makeup with green metallic smokey eyes

When you are working with shimmery or dark colours, I recommend to start with your eyes first in case of fall outs or smudges.  This way if you make a mess then you can just wipe it off without worrying about redoing your foundation.

Make sure to have a base for your eye-shadows to grab on to, whether it’s an eye-primer or a long wearing concealer, which what I used in this case.

I used a flat synthetic brush, to get an intense colour pay off, to apply the metallic olive eyeshadow all over the mobile lid and also along the lower lash line. Then I blended the colour towards the brow, just slightly above the crease with a soft blending brush to bring a hint of this colour there.  This way the colour is the most intense in the middle of the lid and then gradually disappears outwards.  Otherwise if this fun colour goes strong all the way above the crease it might look too garish.

To brighten up the colour, I mixed a silvery white eye-shadow in the inner corner and blended it fading towards the middle of the eye.

A sneaky liner was placed with a black pencil in between the lashes to make the roots of the lashes look really dark and full.  Read all about this wonderful technique that most know as tightlining here.

Then I used a slightly wet angle brush to pick up a powder eye-liner to create a liner on the top and using the same brush soften the border of the liner for a more smokey look.  I took what was left on the brush to add some dark in the outer bottom corner along the lashes as well.  Since it was in a powder form, I was also able to use the same product as an eye-shadow to darken the outer top corner of the lid to create more depth and drama.  And again I used a blending brush to go over the dark to make sure the colours are seamlessly flowing one into another.  Well blended colours is what will make your makeup look polished and neat.  Also how you move your brushes against your skin will also make a difference in how eye-shadows will go on.  I focus on these techniques during my makeup lessons

Finally lots of mascara applied in layers, going back and forth between the eyes to give layers a chance to dry a little bit, to define the eyes with a luscious fringe!


Since this is a going out Holiday Eco Glam Look, the base of the makeup needs to be long lasting and flawless (who knows how long that party is going to go for?).  I think that the more dramatic makeup is applied, the more perfect the foundation should be and a bit of extra coverage is ok to achieve that flawless look.  But more coverage doesn’t mean cakey!!!  I used a medium to full coverage foundation that sets to matte finish and applied a few sheer layers with a flat synthetic foundation brush to get the coverage.  After I gently pressed the final layer of foundation into the skin using a slightly damp beauty blender (if you don’t know what it is and you use foundation – look it up right now!).  My makeup kit is not complete without this handy little tool that makes the surface of the foundation look so smooth!

I brightened up under the eyes with a slightly lighter then skin tone concealer to create a highlighted effect.

Then I applied the cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and slightly up and out along the cheekbones.  To make sure that the cream blush goes on evenly, instead of dipping the brush into the pot, I placed a bit of cream on my hand, spread it thin and then stippled the brush on that to pick up the colour.

After everything was done I used a very sheer application of setting powder on the T-zone to ensure that foundation stays put and shine-free in that zone.


Lipstick needs to last through all the party talking and drinking, so I started with a lipliner in a neutral colour.  I like how the lipliner gives light-coloured lips more definition.  Then I applied a layer of long-wearing lipstick in a medium nude tone mixing a bit of  the same cool tone pink cream blush I used earlier, as it is a lips and cheek product.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z teaches how to create holiday eco glam look using only natural makeup by Delizioso with green metallic smokey eyes

This summer I had a chance to connect with two lovely sisters, Leeona and Ariel, the creators of a kick-ass natural skin care company Delizioso.  There are so many amazing things I love about this company!  All of their products are 100% natural, raw and 100% paraben and synthetic free with no preservatives in sight.  They are cruelty free.  They are very particular about not diluting the active ingredients with water or other fillers so that the end products are at their highest potency delivering bio-dynamic powers of nature straight to skin.  And all of the products are manufactured in Canada!  On top of their extensive skin care, the girls also created a big selection of beautiful makeup.  Along with offering neutral colours, the girls didn’t shy away from more daring and creative colours, which is not easy to find in a eco makeup world.

The sisters very generously send me a few of their products to play with and the more I discovered over the course of the past couple of months, the more I fell in love with them!  So for this holiday eco glam look I decided to only use their products.

Dual Action Foundation Hydrating Coverage.  It’s not easy to find an eco foundation that has this much high-pigmented coverage and stays put so well!  It blends nicely and is easily buildable and sets right away to a natural matte finish.  Which means you have to work fast with it.  This makes it a great option for normal to oily skin types.  This is also a good option for acne-prone skin because it has anti-inflammatory and blemish fighting properties! It’s ranked #3 on Acne Foundation’s best acne treatment comparison. This alone blows my mind because I’m so used to conventional foundations that will only make breakouts worse.  The other properties of the Dual Action Foundation are anti-aging, nourishing and sun protective.  So this baby has got you covered on all fronts!  And it smells divine being infused with Bulgarian rose oil!

Camouflage Mousse.  Same in terms of coverage and longevity goes for this concealer.  It has been my personal staple for all my angry spots and blemishes for the past couple of months.  I already raved about this concealer on my Instagram.  It covers well with a tiniest amount and doesn’t budge for hours.  I like to use it with a small soft brush or the tip of my beauty blender.

Lust Lip and Cheek Shine.  Another personal staple of mine that I sang praises to already!  First of all I love it’s mutlitasking ability!  The less I have in my makeup bag – the better.   I need a very small amount of products because it’s so pigmented!  It blends smoothly on to the skin and the colour stays put for the day, which is hard to do on my oily skin.  This cream blush has a lovely dewy finish to it.  See above in the FACE section on the best technique to apply this blush.  The colour is a cool tone pink mauve that looks great on cheeks and lips!  Goes on almost like a weightless stain on the lips.

Pressed & Perfect Eyeshadow in Cinnamon Sticks and in Coconut.  If you want an eye-shadow that has high pay off, don’t look any further.  The colour you see in the pot is the colour you get on the skin with its high pigment quality.  The formula is velvety smooth, applies easily and sticks well.  It’s made with pure minerals and great even for sensitive eyes.  Mica, being the main ingredient, provides a beautiful metallic shimmer that’s not overpowering.  Cinnamon Sticks is an olive colour with brown undertones and gold shimmer finish.  Coconut is icy white with cool tone shimmer.

100% Natural Eyeliner Pencil/Brow Pencil in Midnight Black.  It has a creamy consistency that makes it glide easily on the skin.  The colour is a true black and as with everything in this line, it’s very pigmented.  It stays on well with minimal smudging.

Intense Black Loose Eyeliner Powder.  I was curious to try out this product because I don’t generally work with loose pigments, so I was worried that it would be messy.  But it was very easy to work with!  I just picked up the product with a slightly (not soaking) wet angle brush from the lid.  A little goes a long way because, again, it’s super pigmented, and it doubles as an eye-shadow as well!  The beauty of this formula is that once it’s on, it doesn’t smudge and will stay on all day.  It’s easy to apply in a very precise line or smudge it for a smokey look.  Can be applied wet or dry.

Volumizing Mascara in Black Diamond.  I love that this mascara has so many lash nourishing ingredients to help keep lashes healthy.  It does a good job at defining the lashes with it’s rich black pigment.

Creme de la Creme Natural Lipstick in Vanilla Creme.  Goes on very creamy due to so many lovely nourishing oils and butters in the formula and has a nice rich satin finish.  It has good longevity and amazing colour pay off.   This has been my go to colour when I go for more dramatic eyes and want nude lips.  It’s a medium light nude with warm pink undertones.

Lipliner Pencil Peachy Nude.  This pencil is soft feeling upon application but not too creamy, so it doesn’t slide all over the place. The formula is very long wearing which will greatly enhance the longevity of your lipstick as well!  Colour pay off, you guess it, is rich!  The colour is peachy brown neutral.



I know, it’s funny to have a glammed up version of the glam makeup look, but here it is, because sometimes there are different levels of glam! 😉

I just love how a simple change of lipstick has created such an impact to this Holiday Eco Glam Look!  I chose a beautiful deep magenta colour, staying within the original palette of cool pink tones.  I also added a strip of false lashes to make the eyes pop a bit more.  Can’t go full glam without falsies, right?!  My favourite are Demi Wispies by Ardell.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z teaches how to create holiday eco glam look using only natural makeup with green metallic smokey eyes and deep pink lips


I hope this holiday season you have a chance to relax, enjoy time with your loved ones and of course, go out to a few fun parties looking all kinds of fabulous!

As always, if you are trying out any of the looks on my blog – please share here or on my Instagram  I would absolutely love to see it!  Feel free to follow me there too to see more of my work and what I’m up to!

Have an effortless beauty day!

Let’s play!

Klava Z

Photos Laura Kelly Photography 
Model Amal Wahab
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Clothing Vincent
Eco Makeup Products Delizioso Skin Care
Ottawa best makeup artist Klava Z creates a Pool Party Makeup with bright coral lips using only green beauty products

Pool Party Makeup Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

It’s time for an Eco Makeup Look when I use only natural non-toxic products to create it!

Before we dive into the makeup world, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t posted a blog since June!!!  This summer has really kicked my ass in a best way possible, but I wasn’t prepared to be so busy.  So all my projects were put on hold so that I can focus on my lovely brides and keep sane.  My services were in high demand this wedding season, which was so amazing for my growing freelance business!  And not so great for everything else :).   I’m working on finding a better balance for the next wedding season.

Last weekend I finished my last wedding of the season and now can finally turn my attention back to these Beauty Series and makeup education, something that I really enjoy doing.  I have been doing lots of one-on-one makeup lessons, so if this is something you have been thinking about doing, check out my Educating page.

Speaking of summer – it was an incredibly hot one in Ottawa!  And even though we have been blessed with a beautifully warm fall, I’m already missing summer – the sun, the heat, the carefree clothing, the beach.  I really hope that you got to make the most of the summer!  Now I don’t have a pool, but I hoped to persuade one of my lucky friends who do to throw a pool party.  I think that pool parties are an upgrade from a standard BBQ party with so many possibilities for fun activities.  I never got around to talking somebody into it, so this Pool Party Makeup Look is reminiscing of shoulda coulda woulda.  It is also a great inspiration for an upcoming getaway vacation season.

Photoshoot for the eco Pool Party Makeup Look created by Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z



The last pool party I attended was in Vegas, so this look was inspired by that experience.  Beautiful swimwear and champagne were a must.  So was makeup.  Of course, I don’t advocate wearing a lot of makeup in the hot weather and by the water.  Too many chances of it melting off.  In the case where maximum impact is required with minimal product – bright colour lipstick is always a safe bet!  Warm tones of red, oranges are perfect for this look to complement the gold glistening of the body.  It’s gold, of course, because you have one of those body bling oils all over. 😉  The whole look is shiny and glossy with some golden highlights here and there.

Photoshoot for the eco Pool Party Makeup Look created by Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z


If you can get away without a foundation in the summer – skip it.  For this Pool Party Makeup Look I did use a tiny bit of glowy liquid foundation, Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, for a more polished finish.  I spread it as thin as possible using a dual-fibre flat topped brush, which is really great for a very natural application of the foundation.  The cheeks were imparted with a touch of gold shimmer with Ilia Illuminator in Sway that worked as a bronzer and highlighter at the same time.  I picked up the product from the cream stick with a smaller version of the dual-fibre flat topped brush (remember to choose the size of the brushes according the area of the face you will be using it on) and swirled it along the cheeks and cheekbones.


So simple and so perfect for this look.  A swipe of a light shimmery gold Eye Shadow in Fiji by 100% Pure all over the lid and especially in the inner corner for extra brightness.  Waterproof (of course!) mascara by Pacifica on the eyes.


Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z shows how to highlight the lips in the Pool Party Makeup Look created using only natural makeup.

Yes, there is even a highlight for lips!  Strobing has been huge, what can I say.   For those not sure what strobing is, it’s pretty much the same as highlighting, but a bit more intense.  I love lip highlighting to create an effect of a slightly more plump lip, it has this instant sexy effect.  And it’s very easy to do.  Choose your highlighting product – it can be a pencil (which is the most convenient for the lip area) or a creamstick or even a powder highlighter.  I lightly traced 100% Pure Cotton/Silk Dual-Ended Creamstick along and on top of the upper lip border, especially concentrating on the cupid bow area and also applied it in the middle of the lower lip.  Tip number one – do it before applying your lipstick, otherwise you run a risk of smudging your beautiful lipstick (unlike shown in my picture haha).  Tip number two – slightly smudge the highlighter with your finger, so that it doesn’t look like a line.


Lastly I applied a glossy coral-red lipstick Karma Chameleon by Ilia all over the lips, blotted it and applied again for more longevity.  Seal everything with a lipgloss for an extra shiny lip!  All ready for a pool party!


Non-toxic makeup products used in creating the Pool Party Makeup Look

I’m very lucky to have awesome friends!  One of those is Lyz Plant, an eco makeup artist, who have lend me her eco makeup kit in the past to play with her products on my photoshoots.  Until recently, she was running an online eco beauty boutique, which she decided to close for now in order to pursue other adventures and goals of her life.  All the products that I used in this Pool Party Makeup Look were available for purchase at her store.  Now that the store is closing, the stock is low, but the discount of 40% is pretty great!  So check out her store Louche Lily before it closes for liquidation deals on eco beauty products.

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation.  Light in texture and very breathable, which is essential for a summer foundation.  Very easy to blend, provides light coverage. The effect on the skin is of a soft radiance.  It has lovely ingredients like dry oils for a lightweight hydration and a Herbal Enlightenment Complex, to help sooth, calm and protect, as well as brighten.

Ilia Illuminator in Sway.  A multi-tasking cream stick that can be used anywhere on the skin or eyes.  It has a soft bronze colour with fine gold shimmer which results in a sublime sun-kissed glow that illuminates the skin.  A few different oils in this cream stick make sure that it glides on easily while giving their goodness to your skin.   Can be used with fingers or a brush and layered on top of the blush as well.

100% Pure Satin Eye Shadow in Fiji.  A creamy fruit pigmented eye-shadow in a nude-bronze colour with a soft golden sparkle.  It goes on velvety and blends effortlessly.  Whenever I read the ingredient list of 100% Pure products, I just want to eat them – they are that clean and full of antioxidants from fruit and herb extracts.  The only issue that some people can notice with these eye-shadows is some creasing, since it’s a bit creamy and moves easily.  Nothing a good eye-primer or re-adjusting with your fingertip can’t fix.

100% Pure Cotton/Silk Dual-Ended Creamstick.  I have been in love with this one since I tried it out for my Eco February Look, so check out my review on it here.

Pacifica Beauty Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara.  I have used this mascara in a few of my other Beauty Series looks.  This is a standard black mascara that defines lashes for a natural look.  The formula promises lots of length, but I didn’t find it added much to mine.  The mascara has a silicone wand, which I’m not a bit fan of, but that’s personal preference.  It is water-resistant, which makes it stay on well for a long time.  Make sure to have a good waterproof makeup remover to take it off.  I like the fact that it has lashes conditioning ingredients, like coconut oil because a lot of mascaras, especially water-resistant once, can dry out the lashes.

Ilia Karma Chameleon Lipstick Crayon.  This one has been in my personal makeup bag since the beginning of my journey into green beauty.  I have fun with its’ fiery coral colour, love the hydrating effect of coconut, sesame and cranberry seed oils on my lips and enjoy the ease of application of a crayon.  It glides on smoothly, have a slight glossy finish and stays on reasonably well for a hydrating lipstick.  The crayon applicator allows me to define my lips with more precision then regular lipstick, for a more clean finish.



Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z creates a Pool Party Makeup Look and shows how to glam it up using only organic makeup

Since the lips are already bright and fun, I thought that adding a smokey eye-liner for extra sultry definition of the eyes will do the trick.  I used one of the 100% Pure Dual-Ended Creamstick in darker colour to line top and bottom, focusing on the outer part of the eye.  The liner is applied thicker on the outer corner and tapers off towards the middle, leaving the inner part of the eye light.  I ran a pencil brush along the edges of the eye-liner to blend it out for a more smokey effect.  A difference in how the eyes pop more is pretty noticeable from left to right.  An easy update for a pool party that goes into the night. 😉

Sharon, my fabulous model for this look had so much fun shooting this that I can’t help but share a few more from this photoshoot!  Oh, I miss summer already!

Pool Party Makeup Photoshoot

Pool Party Makeup Photoshoot extras

I hope that you will have an opportunity to rock this eco Pool Party Makeup Look sometime soon.  Vegas, anyone?!

As always, if you are trying out any of the looks on my blog – please share here or on my Instagram  I would absolutely love to see it!  Feel free to follow me there too to see more of my work and what I’m up to!

Have an effortless beauty day!

Let’s play!

Klava Z

Photos Throne Photography
Model Sharon Philipose 
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Styling Toast Special Events
Clothing Vincent
Eco Makeup Products Louche Lily


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z reviews natural vegan skincare products from a subscription box Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z reviews natural vegan skincare products from a subscription box Vegan Cuts


I get really excited when a package of beauty products arrives at my door. I have to confess it happens quite regularly. 🙂 However, I justify it to my husband with the fact that I’m a makeup artist and I need to stay in the know of the new products out there. When the goodies arriving are eco friendly – that makes me even more happy!

In my skincare and hygiene routine I have completely switched to green beauty products and I’m working on replacing my personal makeup bag with all natural cosmetics as well. I’m almost there, just a few products left to find that would perform similar to the conventional ones.

Today I wanted to share with you about Vegan Cuts Beauty Box that I received in April. This is my second box from this company and I really liked the first one as well! I think the whole idea of beauty boxes is genius and this one is a great way to discover cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products or prices. Each month you’ll receive a delivery of 4-7 new products to try, ranging from unique cosmetics to luxurious skincare. I would like to point out that many products come in travel sizes not tester sizes, which means they actually last for a long time.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z reviews natural vegan skincare products from a subscription box Vegan Cuts


Here are the products that were in the box and my experience with them. When I test out a product, I first look at the ingredients list and then at how it performs. I like my products to have a simple list of natural ingredients.

Marrakesh Endz – Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy – Split End Mender & Preventer – Original Scent. When I first looked at the ingredients I was sceptical about some, because they had those long names that usually an indicator of non-natural origin. When I researched them on Skin Deep, I found that all of them had low ratings of possible toxicity. In any case, I’m more tolerant towards non-natural ingredients in my hair products if they are not touching my scalp and therefore not penetrating into my bloodstream.

I’m still not sure about parfum that is on the list, because I don’t know whether they are using only natural essential oils or something else. In general in cosmetics “parfum” is an umbrella word for what can be up to 70 different chemicals if it’s synthetic based. I did find that the fragrance of this product while being pleasant is a bit too strong for my liking. Now, I haven’t been wearing fragrances for the last three years, so I’m more sensitive to scents then I used to be.

Otherwise, I really liked the texture of this hair therapy – it is light weight, more like serum rather then oil and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. It does tame the frizz and makes my hair smooth feeling and looking. I would have to use for awhile to see if it can actually prevent split ends but I believe that with such powerhouses like argan oil and hemp oil it does have the potential to help with that.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z reviews natural vegan skincare products from a subscription box Vegan Cuts


Goddess Garden Organics Facial Natural Sunscreen SPF 30. This one has a bunch of lovely ingredients that not only provide sun protection with Zinc being the active one but also take care and nourish the skin. When I tried it out I had to really work it in into my skin to blend out the white particles. The texture felt a bit tacky and heavy for my combination oily skin. The tacky feeling disappeared in a few minutes, but the heavy feeling did stay. I would recommend this product for somebody with dry skin as it can be too moisturizing for oilier skin types like mine. It did the job of protecting my face wonderfully – no redness after a half a day out in the sun.

Cocokind Organic Facial Repair Serum. I would like to mention that the awesome Cocokind company gives clean water, meals and books to children in need for every purchased product. I admire when companies not only produce eco products but are socially responsible as well.

The serum has exactly the simple ingredient list that I like – coconut oil, avocado oil and rosehip oil. I have a long lasting love relationships with all three oils. Coconut and avocado oil are both deeply moisturizing, contain essential proteins and many antioxidants while rosehip oil provides rejuvenation and repair to the skin.

The serum has a subtle sweet and nutty smell and immediately feels very moisturizing. Again, because of my oily skin it is too heavy to use everyday, so I use it more like a treatment twice a week. My skin feels extremely smooth after using it. This serum has an incredible ability to sort of fill in and plump up the fine lines for an instant supple skin appearance.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z reviews natural vegan skincare products from a subscription box Vegan Cuts


Sage and Arrow Blissful Bath Melt. This is pure bath luxury in the most adorable packaging! It smells divine of chocolate and has moisturizing ingredients like shear and cocoa butter plus calming and soothing lavender, chamomile and calendula. You can actually see little herb flowers trapped inside which float in the water once the bar melts and makes my bath water look pretty. My skin definitely felt softer after using it in my bath. I will need more of this in my life!

Eco Lips Balm in Sweet Mint. It has a lot of moisturizing ingredients like sunflower oil, cocoa, coconut oil and vitamin E. This lovely lip balm melted on my lips easily and provided a long-lasting hydration. The only issue for me was the peppermint oil that made my lips tingle as I’m not a fan of this sensation.

Routine Deodorant. Props to a Canadian company to formulate a vegan clay based product that has won 2014 Organic Beauty Talk Awards and has been mentioned on many blogs and media. People must love this product for a reason! It is notoriously hard to find a natural deodorant that actually works. I did have one before that worked really well but application was such a mess (you know the ones with the stick that you have to stir all the time) that I didn’t want to deal with it at all. Routine deodorant has a thin paste texture that spreads easily. I even tried it out on a freshly shaved armpits and it didn’t sting or bother me in any way at all.

This deodorant comes in a few scents and unfortunately I got Sexy Sadie that has patchouli oil in it. I say unfortunately because, though I like the smell of patchouli on its own, when it mixes with my chemistry it can smell a bit off. However, I could tell that if I got it in a different scent it would do the job really well.

There was also supposed to be a Joshik Polish nail polish in a beautiful magenta pink, but I didn’t get it in my box as I believe the company has run out of stock.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z reviews natural vegan skincare products from a subscription box Vegan Cuts


All in all, I liked playing with and discovering the products and will be definitely using some of them till the end and repurchasing in full sizes!

I appreciate Vegan Cuts sending me their lovely Beauty Box to try out and share my feedback with you. To a skincare and makeup products addict like myself it’s like mini Christmas when I get a box filled with green beauty products! However, there are many other products on the market too! I plan to use this Four Sigmatic discount code for their vegan box in the near future.

If you have any questions about these cosmetics – ask away, I would be happy to answer!

Come back soon to check out the next new look in my Everyday Effortless Beauty Series and tips on how to achieve it! And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration and to see what I’m up to.

Have an effortless beauty day!

Let’s play!

Klava Z



Organic Makeup look inspired by winter beauty

Sweater Weather Eco Makeup Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a weekly makeup series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural looks for everyday life. #EffortlessbyKlavaZ

This is a special edition of the Beauty Series that I’m extra excited about! Once a month I will be releasing a look that will be focused on using mostly or all eco beauty products. If you know me or you had a chance to read About Klava then you know how passionate I am about natural cosmetics! I blame my green ways on my 10 years of living in the beautiful West Coast of Canada, Victoria BC. Life is a bit less hectic there with a big focus on living consciously, honouring our natural environment and your body by avoid putting toxins in it.

I stepped on the path of natural wellness when my health wasn’t great and being motivated to get better and naturally curious I researched and read a lot about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and since I was a makeup artist, cosmetics as well. I was lovingly named “our hippie” by the MAC girls I worked together with at the store at the time. I was really shocked to learn how many toxic ingredients cosmetic companies add to their products! So I was eager to find alternative makeup and skincare that would perform well without the bad stuff in them. I know that there is still an impression that natural organic makeup products don’t work well, but natural makeup has progressed a long way since the original “crunchy” ways. Learning how to apply it by making your lashes fuller and more bold can be found by visiting travelexperta, enhancing your natural beauty and bringing out your facial features is a great confidence boost, you can use makeup creatively to express your style and show the world how beautiful you are.

Hopefully with my once a month green makeup look I can show you that there are many green products that work just as well and sometimes better then conventional cosmetics. Every month I discover new brands that produce beautiful eco clean makeup! A lot of them I found through my little (ahem, big) addiction called Instagram. 🙂 I’m slowly working towards my goal – a fully stocked eco kit with the best natural organic products in the market.


Winter Beauty Eco Makeup look Before and After

This green beauty look is called Sweater Weather. It is inspired by the soft cool tones of winter, when snow makes all colours look slightly muted. When I put on my chunky knit sweater and my hat and feeling all cozy, I feel like adding a bit of lightness to my look, like crips winter air. I think that the combination of lilac and mauve tones worked well to convey that feeling. 🙂

Before I get to this look in details, I wanted to mention that I recently did a guest blog post on my friend’s blog for her wedding planning and styling company Toast Events. I blogged about winter specific makeup tricks and creating makeup looks for a special occasion like winter wedding. Check it out here.

Winter Beauty Makeup Look



Very often I start with the eyes and then do the rest of the face. I do so in case I have some fall outs from the eyeshadows under the eyes. This way I don’t have to redo my concealer or foundation. I can easily swipe them away and finish with the skin.


The focus of my technique is the application of the eyeshadow for this look. I used a slightly frosted lilac eyeshadow and applied it with a flat firm eyeshadow shader brush all over the eyelids, in the inner corners and all over under the eyes as well. I chose a firm brush because I really wanted the light colour to show up and brighten up the eye with its lilac shine. I like to switch it up and use light colours instead of dark to line the bottom of the eyes. It makes the eyes stand out in a different way, it’s sort of has this airy effect. This light shade of lilac looks good with most eye-colours and flatters most skin tones, but dark. Somebody with a darker skin tone can still wear it, but would have to use this colour very sparingly, blended with other colours to avoid looking too stark of a contrast.

Then I used a small pointy pencil brush and applied a taupe colour in the inner corner of the eyes and blended its edges with a clean soft and fluffy blending brush for a washed out effect. I only wanted a hint of colour in the outer corner to ground the lilac colour a bit, that’s why I blended it well with a clean brush.

In the middle of this week I will be posting the video of this technique tip on my Instagram @KlavaZ.Makeup.


I applied a creamy foundation all over the face and blended it in with my fingers until it looked like my model’s actual skin just slightly perfected. The foundation I used didn’t need any setting with powder on model’s skin. To bring subtle colour to the cheeks I barely touched them with a light colour pinky brown blush.


I used a frosted pinky lipstick as a base and added a light brown glossy finish on top to get the soft mauve colour that echoed the blush colour.


Since the eco makeup products are the focus of this look, I will try to include the majority of the products used to create the look, not just the usual key products selection.

Eco Makeup Products for Winter beauty Look

Sappho Organics Liquid Foundation. I’m in love! My skin is so fussy, sensitive and breaks out easily. This is the only liquid foundation that I found so far that works wonderfully for my skin. It actually feels better after wearing it! No wonder, if you read the ingredient list, you would think that its a nurturing skincare cream, not cosmetics. I can honestly write a whole blog just on this foundation! It offers light but build-able coverage, wears well, has moisturizing qualities and anti-aging benefits. One layer application is easy, blends lovely, even though it doesn’t have dimethicone (the stuff that makes foundations slippery, but doesn’t let your skin breathe). If you need to layer for more coverage, I found that the beauty blender (what else, really!) works really well.

Da lish Illumination Concealer. Another great complexion eco product from my personal makeup bag. To find a great under eye concealers is hard even among the multitude of conventional products. It needs to be the right shade, slightly on the peachy or pinky side to counteract the dark circles. It has to be creamy not to accentuate any fine lines but has to set nicely so it doesn’t slide around during the day. It has to have good coverage to actually do the job and if it has a bit of brightening qualities – that’s a bonus. This concealer does it all without any toxic ingredients and it’s made in Canada. I rest my case.

Fitglow Beauty Mineral Eye Trio in Nightfall. It’s a pretty colour combination in the cool tones of lilac and taupe in satin finish and matte black. Easy to work with, though I wish the lilac and black parts would have the same consistency as the taupe – it’s a bit more creamy and pigmented then the other two.

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Dune. A lovely soft platinum pink with a cool tone frost finish. It feels creamy going on and then sets which makes it really long wearing. It is quite frosty, so be aware if you have dry lips, it can accentuate the dry texture. This brand has been around for awhile – since 1992 and has a few lines that only use 100% natural ingredients and are gluten free and vegan. I’m still discovering their products.

Mineral Fusion Sheer Moisture Lip Tint in Glisten. A nude caramel colour with glossy shimmer. I really like this product’s design, it’s very similar to Clinique Chubby Sticks and so easy to use on the go. It even feels similar going on, sort of a mix between a lipstick and a gloss. I guess the name of it really describes it well. 🙂 It does feel moisturizing, has a lovely glossy finish that is not sticky at all. Like most glossy lip products, I don’t find it stays on long, but I don’t mind reapplying because it feels so nice going on. Mineral Fusion line is the most affordable one that I found so far in the eco makeup range and it’s free from a lot of bad stuff like parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates.

Pure Anada Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea. I reach for this earth rose warm coloured blush very often! It’s a beautiful option for a subtle cheek definition. I recommend really buffing it so that the mica in it will impart a soft glow on the skin. Sometimes mica can be too shimmery, but this finish is perfect. I do find that some of the product flakes off when I pick up the colour with the brush, which means this blush will be done sooner then I would like to. Another Canadian made cosmetic line! I like a cosmetic line that think not only about how green the ingredients they are using are, but also how eco friendly their packaging is. This range of blushes comes in a pan that inserts into a reusable magnetic compact. How cool is that!


Smokey eyes. Eco Makeup Look inspired by winter

When in doubt – go smokey. It’s always the easiest way to amp up the look by adding a bit more darker colour around the eyes. You will only need one colour since you already have a few colours on the eyes already. I picked up the black shade from the trio eyeshadow with a pointy pencil brush and went along the lash line all around the eyes skipping the most inner corner. I really brought the lower shadow down by blending downwards for a more dramatic smokey look at the bottom. Then I took the dark colour to the outer corner crease to give more depth the eye. Black eyeshadow mixed with lilac resulted in a beautiful evening grey smokey eyes look.

Viola – an effortless and elegant makeup look created using mostly natural makeup products!

Let me know if you try it out! Don’t be shy, post your interpretation of the Sweater Weather look here or on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ. I would love to see how you did it! I also do private lessons and group masterclasses, so if you are in Ottawa and would like to become a pro at your own makeup, check out my Educating page.

For more information about natural and vegan suitable beauty products, check out – Buy Vegan Lipstick – Long-Lasting Lips from NCLA Beauty – shopncla.

Come back next week to check out the next look in my Beauty Series! And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration.

Have an effortless beauty day!

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