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Model with glossy skin

The Best of Spring Makeup Trends

The seasonal fashion weeks mark the most important dates for industry gurus and innovators, showcasing the upcoming clothes and accessories to make fashion history. For years, it was only the clothing lines that took the spotlight at these events with the models walking the runways with fresh, makeup-less faces, but aestheticians backstage are quickly making a name for themselves as they break the boundaries of minimal makeup and experiment with bolder styles. With spring just around the corner, it’s time that we take a closer look at the beauty trends that will dominate this season.

Blue eye makeup

Blue Eye Makeup
Neutrals have always been easy to work with whether you want to achieve a natural look or a subtle smokey eye for the day, and when we encounter a colour like blue, some of us end up stumped as we are left clueless on how to pull it off. The great thing about blue hues in makeup is that it immediately draws focus to your eyes, so anytime you feel like being the center of attention, this is your go-to colour palette. Harper’s Bazaar suggests sparkly navy for smokey eyes or a heavy line across your lids for some chaos.

Cara Devilgne hot pink lips

Pink Lips
The international fashion aggregator Lyst might have been talking about clothes when they mentioned the hue of the season would be pink, but looking back at the spring 2016 fashion shows, the colour appeared to be a hit for the backstage makeup artists. Although red lips are timeless, pink has this romantic, feminine quality that the modern woman should learn to embrace. So ditch those burgundy tints from last season for now and be brave this spring with a bright, matte pink

Model with glossy skin

The Glossy Look
At the risk of looking like you’ve been sweating it out at the gym, the shiny face seems to be all the rage this season. A new take on strobing, the idea of the glossy finish was inspired by the after hours of an epic dance party. To execute this glow, skip the foundation and then apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your cheekbones, lids and under your eyes.


Gold glitter eye makeup

Arts and Crafts
No one is expecting you to go as far the jewels and pearls that were adorned on the Givenchy models, but people are becoming more playful with their makeup looks, using loads of glitter and watercolour-like eye paints.

What spring makeup trends are you looking forward to experimenting with?

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