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Organic Makeup look inspired by winter beauty

Sweater Weather Eco Makeup Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a weekly makeup series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural looks for everyday life. #EffortlessbyKlavaZ

This is a special edition of the Beauty Series that I’m extra excited about! Once a month I will be releasing a look that will be focused on using mostly or all eco beauty products. If you know me or you had a chance to read About Klava then you know how passionate I am about natural cosmetics! I blame my green ways on my 10 years of living in the beautiful West Coast of Canada, Victoria BC. Life is a bit less hectic there with a big focus on living consciously, honouring our natural environment and your body by avoid putting toxins in it.

I stepped on the path of natural wellness when my health wasn’t great and being motivated to get better and naturally curious I researched and read a lot about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and since I was a makeup artist, cosmetics as well. I was lovingly named “our hippie” by the MAC girls I worked together with at the store at the time. I was really shocked to learn how many toxic ingredients cosmetic companies add to their products! So I was eager to find alternative makeup and skincare that would perform well without the bad stuff in them. I know that there is still an impression that natural organic makeup products don’t work well, but natural makeup has progressed a long way since the original “crunchy” ways. Learning how to apply it by making your lashes fuller and more bold can be found by visiting travelexperta, enhancing your natural beauty and bringing out your facial features is a great confidence boost, you can use makeup creatively to express your style and show the world how beautiful you are.

Hopefully with my once a month green makeup look I can show you that there are many green products that work just as well and sometimes better then conventional cosmetics. Every month I discover new brands that produce beautiful eco clean makeup! A lot of them I found through my little (ahem, big) addiction called Instagram. πŸ™‚ I’m slowly working towards my goal – a fully stocked eco kit with the best natural organic products in the market.


Winter Beauty Eco Makeup look Before and After

This green beauty look is called Sweater Weather. It is inspired by the soft cool tones of winter, when snow makes all colours look slightly muted. When I put on my chunky knit sweater and my hat and feeling all cozy, I feel like adding a bit of lightness to my look, like crips winter air. I think that the combination of lilac and mauve tones worked well to convey that feeling. πŸ™‚

Before I get to this look in details, I wanted to mention that I recently did a guest blog post on my friend’s blog for her wedding planning and styling company Toast Events. I blogged about winter specific makeup tricks and creating makeup looks for a special occasion like winter wedding. Check it out here.

Winter Beauty Makeup Look



Very often I start with the eyes and then do the rest of the face. I do so in case I have some fall outs from the eyeshadows under the eyes. This way I don’t have to redo my concealer or foundation. I can easily swipe them away and finish with the skin.


The focus of my technique is the application of the eyeshadow for this look. I used a slightly frosted lilac eyeshadow and applied it with a flat firm eyeshadow shader brush all over the eyelids, in the inner corners and all over under the eyes as well. I chose a firm brush because I really wanted the light colour to show up and brighten up the eye with its lilac shine. I like to switch it up and use light colours instead of dark to line the bottom of the eyes. It makes the eyes stand out in a different way, it’s sort of has this airy effect. This light shade of lilac looks good with most eye-colours and flatters most skin tones, but dark. Somebody with a darker skin tone can still wear it, but would have to use this colour very sparingly, blended with other colours to avoid looking too stark of a contrast.

Then I used a small pointy pencil brush and applied a taupe colour in the inner corner of the eyes and blended its edges with a clean soft and fluffy blending brush for a washed out effect. I only wanted a hint of colour in the outer corner to ground the lilac colour a bit, that’s why I blended it well with a clean brush.

In the middle of this week I will be posting the video of this technique tip on my Instagram @KlavaZ.Makeup.


I applied a creamy foundation all over the face and blended it in with my fingers until it looked like my model’s actual skin just slightly perfected. The foundation I used didn’t need any setting with powder on model’s skin. To bring subtle colour to the cheeks I barely touched them with a light colour pinky brown blush.


I used a frosted pinky lipstick as a base and added a light brown glossy finish on top to get the soft mauve colour that echoed the blush colour.


Since the eco makeup products are the focus of this look, I will try to include the majority of the products used to create the look, not just the usual key products selection.

Eco Makeup Products for Winter beauty Look

Sappho Organics Liquid Foundation. I’m in love! My skin is so fussy, sensitive and breaks out easily. This is the only liquid foundation that I found so far that works wonderfully for my skin. It actually feels better after wearing it! No wonder, if you read the ingredient list, you would think that its a nurturing skincare cream, not cosmetics. I can honestly write a whole blog just on this foundation! It offers light but build-able coverage, wears well, has moisturizing qualities and anti-aging benefits. One layer application is easy, blends lovely, even though it doesn’t have dimethicone (the stuff that makes foundations slippery, but doesn’t let your skin breathe). If you need to layer for more coverage, I found that the beauty blender (what else, really!) works really well.

Da lish Illumination Concealer. Another great complexion eco product from my personal makeup bag. To find a great under eye concealers is hard even among the multitude of conventional products. It needs to be the right shade, slightly on the peachy or pinky side to counteract the dark circles. It has to be creamy not to accentuate any fine lines but has to set nicely so it doesn’t slide around during the day. It has to have good coverage to actually do the job and if it has a bit of brightening qualities – that’s a bonus. This concealer does it all without any toxic ingredients and it’s made in Canada. I rest my case.

Fitglow Beauty Mineral Eye Trio in Nightfall. It’s a pretty colour combination in the cool tones of lilac and taupe in satin finish and matte black. Easy to work with, though I wish the lilac and black parts would have the same consistency as the taupe – it’s a bit more creamy and pigmented then the other two.

Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Dune. A lovely soft platinum pink with a cool tone frost finish. It feels creamy going on and then sets which makes it really long wearing. It is quite frosty, so be aware if you have dry lips, it can accentuate the dry texture. This brand has been around for awhile – since 1992 and has a few lines that only use 100% natural ingredients and are gluten free and vegan. I’m still discovering their products.

Mineral Fusion Sheer Moisture Lip Tint in Glisten. A nude caramel colour with glossy shimmer. I really like this product’s design, it’s very similar to Clinique Chubby Sticks and so easy to use on the go. It even feels similar going on, sort of a mix between a lipstick and a gloss. I guess the name of it really describes it well. πŸ™‚ It does feel moisturizing, has a lovely glossy finish that is not sticky at all. Like most glossy lip products, I don’t find it stays on long, but I don’t mind reapplying because it feels so nice going on. Mineral Fusion line is the most affordable one that I found so far in the eco makeup range and it’s free from a lot of bad stuff like parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates.

Pure Anada Mineral Blush in Sweet Pea. I reach for this earth rose warm coloured blush very often! It’s a beautiful option for a subtle cheek definition. I recommend really buffing it so that the mica in it will impart a soft glow on the skin. Sometimes mica can be too shimmery, but this finish is perfect. I do find that some of the product flakes off when I pick up the colour with the brush, which means this blush will be done sooner then I would like to. Another Canadian made cosmetic line! I like a cosmetic line that think not only about how green the ingredients they are using are, but also how eco friendly their packaging is. This range of blushes comes in a pan that inserts into a reusable magnetic compact. How cool is that!


Smokey eyes. Eco Makeup Look inspired by winter

When in doubt – go smokey. It’s always the easiest way to amp up the look by adding a bit more darker colour around the eyes. You will only need one colour since you already have a few colours on the eyes already. I picked up the black shade from the trio eyeshadow with a pointy pencil brush and went along the lash line all around the eyes skipping the most inner corner. I really brought the lower shadow down by blending downwards for a more dramatic smokey look at the bottom. Then I took the dark colour to the outer corner crease to give more depth the eye. Black eyeshadow mixed with lilac resulted in a beautiful evening grey smokey eyes look.

Viola – an effortless and elegant makeup look created using mostly natural makeup products!

Let me know if you try it out! Don’t be shy, post your interpretation of the Sweater Weather look here or on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ. I would love to see how you did it! I also do private lessons and group masterclasses, so if you are in Ottawa and would like to become a pro at your own makeup, check out my Educating page.

For more information about natural and vegan suitable beauty products, check out – Buy Vegan Lipstick – Long-Lasting Lips from NCLA Beauty – shopncla.

Come back next week to check out the next look in my Beauty Series! And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration.

Have an effortless beauty day!

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