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Eco makeup look using blue eyeliner and mascara created by Klava Z, Ottawa makeup artist using only natural cosmetics inspired by the Spring Summer 2016 beauty trend of pop of blue on the eyes.

Eco Makeup Look – Into The Blue

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a weekly beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

It’s time for an Eco Makeup Look of the month when I use only natural and/or organic products for creating it!

I wrote all about why I’m passionate about it and how I became interested in natural cosmetics in my first Eco Look post.  This week I started doing a detox cleanse and researching about different toxins in our environment reminded me how important the whole idea of green and clean living is, including makeup!

One of the biggest spring summer 2016 beauty trends I’m seeing everywhere is a pop of blue on the eyes.  Now that’s not an easy one to pull off and I suspect not many women will venture into trying it out.  We can blame the extreme look of blue eyeshadows up to the brow in the 80’s for deterring many away from using blue on the eyes all together.  🙂  However, I think that certain shades of blue can look stunning and understated instead of loud on the face so I wanted to show how you can make this trend wearable for day and look effortless and fresh.  And all using only organic natural makeup products!  Yes, it’s not all brown shades in eco makeup (though I do use some brown in this look ;)).

Eco Makeup Look using blue eyeliner and mascara created by Klava Z, Ottawa makeup artist using only natural cosmetics inspired by the Spring Summer 2016 beauty trend of pop of blue on the eyes.



This casual eco makeup look is great for those weekend errands or hangouts with friends.  It focuses on a deep blue eye-liner with a soft pop of blue on the lashes as well.  I know, blue mascara!  Sounds scary.  But actually most of them just give a blue tint to the lashes which makes the whites of the eyes whiter.  That’s a nice bonus, isn’t it?  There are a few mascaras out there this season that are electric blue which is more of a fashion statement.  Make sure to try one before purchasing so that you know the effect you are getting. 🙂  Tip – if your blue mascara is showing up too bright or not giving your lashes enough definition then apply your regular black mascara first and then the blue one.  The trick to using the blue and making this makeup natural-looking is to tone down the brightness of blue with a neutral colour, like a brown eye-shadow and keep everything else fairly neutral as well.   If you would like to learn more techniques and become a pro at your own makeup then see me for a makeup lesson.

Eco makeup look using blue eyeliner and mascara created by Klava Z, Ottawa makeup artist using only natural cosmetics inspired by the Spring Summer 2016 beauty trend of pop of blue on the eyes.


I applied liquid foundation in a sheer layer all over and then followed with a soft earthy-pink blush focusing on the apples of the cheeks and blending it out.


Eco makeup look Ottawa Makeup Artist showing how to apply cream eyeshadow and blue eyeliner using only natural organic cosmetics.

For this look I really wanted a super easy and fast application, since it’s a casual one I don’t see a woman spending lots of time on it.  I applied a sheer wash of a warm beige colour all over the lid with a jumbo pencil eye-shadow (love them for a quick application, no powdery mess and a beautiful glistening finish).  Using a fluffy brush (but fingers will work well too) in a small circles motion I blended out the edges of a cream eye-shadow so that there is no harsh edges left.

Then I lined the top lash with a blue eye-liner pencil extending the line just slightly past the eye.  I don’t recommend to draw a line in one swoop – it rarely works as pencil gets caught on the skin and pulls.  Rather do short strokes with a tip of the pencil laying slightly on the side. Then I went over the line again to make it a bit thicker and for the colour to pop more.  Try not to squint when applying an eye-liner as it will create crinkles that will make application harder and uneven.  I have mastered gently closing the one eye that I’m working on and pulling the brow up a bit to smooth out the lid even more.

No worries if the line ends up a bit rough looking – use an angle brush either dipped in the same colour eyeshadow or pick up the product from a pencil and go over the border of the liner.  This will even out the line.

If you are noticing that the colour of the pencil is not as intense as it should be then warm it up on the hand with short back and forth strokes and then try again.  A few coats of dark blue mascara on both top and bottom finished the eyes.

As always, a short video will be coming up on my Instagram showing this technique.


I actually used a creamy nude eye-shadow with a bronzed sheen as a lip colour by patting it on the lips.  To be honest with you, I thought it was one of those multi-use cream products and didn’t realized it was an eye-shadow until after I used it.  But it worked great and stayed on well. 🙂  I like happy accidents like these.

As you can see, the lip and the cheek colour compliments the colour of the eye-shadow and lets the blue eye-liner be the only thing that stands out.



The key products to achieving this eco makeup look are the eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara, blush and the lipstick, which I will provide my short reviews on as usual.  However since I’m really focusing on introducing natural makeup products, I will list all the products I used.

Natural and organic Makeup Products used for the eco makeup look based on the blue eyes trend.


100% Pure Dual-Ended Creamstick Eyeliner in Cotton & Silk.  I wrote all about this baby in my previous Eco February Look post.

Pure Anada Natural Mascara in Blue.  This is a great mascara that can build good volume and length without clumps, stays on very well and washes off easily.  I like its’ brush that gives lashes nice separation. Everything you need in your everyday mascara.  It is naturally paraben-free, gluten-free, and mercury-free.  This applies to their black mascara as well.  Yay to a Canadian natural makeup line!

Delizioso Skincare 100% Natural Eyeliner Pencil Deep Blueberry.  A beautiful vivid deep blue eye pencil with high pigment.  I found that the pencil is a bit hard in texture, so to get the full potential of the gorgeous pigment either warm it up first so it glides effortlessly or use an angle brush to pick up the colour.  Stays on well.  Of course, I love the fact that this is a Canadian brand as well!

Pure Anada Pressed Mineral Cheek Colour Sweet Pea.  Another great product by Anada and my personal go to!  Take a look at my rave review about it in my first Eco Look post. 

Pacifica Supernatural Eyeshadow Trio in Breathless, Glowing, Sunset.  As I mentioned I ended up using this cream product as a lipstick and it worked really well on the lips.  It applies like a cream and then sets to powder finish.  By the way it set on the lips I can tell that it will be a long-wearing eyeshadow.  It has anti-aging ingredients including jojoba and argan oils.

Da lish Illumination Concealer CO2. Voted the best acne concealer.

Delizioso Skincare Dual Action Foundation 



Glam eco makeup look using blue eyeliner and mascara created by Klava Z, Ottawa makeup artist using only natural cosmetics inspired by the Spring Summer 2016 beauty trend of pop of blue on the eyes.

Easy peasy!  Just apply a chocolate eyeshadow over the cream one.  Keep in mind that it will stick to the cream and will show up more intense, so be extra careful blending the edges of the shadow.  Use a bit of the same chocolate eye-shadow on the pencil brush to smudge a bit of a liner on the outer part of the lower lash line.  Go over the blue eyeliner once more to freshen it up and that’s it!  I love how the darker eye-shadow made the blue colour of the liner really pop!


eco makeup look using blue eyeliner and mascara created by Klava Z, Ottawa makeup artist using only natural cosmetics inspired by the Spring Summer 2016 beauty trend of pop of blue on the eyes.


I hope this Eco Makeup Look – Into The Blue gives  you a preview of how beautifully eco products can perform and  inspire you to try them out!

And if you do, I would love to see it!  Don’t be shy, post your interpretation of this look here or on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ.

Come back in soon to check out the next new look (what will it be?!) and tips on how to achieve it!  And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration.

Have an effortless beauty day!

Let’s play!

Klava Z

Photos Throne Photography
Model Victoria Models International Management
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Styling Toast Special Events
Clothing Vincent
Makeup Products Louche Lily



Pretty pink Makeup Look for a Valentine day

Sweet Valentine Makeup Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a weekly makeup series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural looks for everyday life.

I know that we don’t need an official day to celebrate our love relationships, but I’m a romantic and I love an excuse to celebrate!  There is a certain air of excited anticipation as women get ready for their date on this day and spend a bit more time then usual to make sure we look our best.  Also I got engaged on a Valentines day, so it’s extra special for me!  Maybe that’s why I got excited and created two different looks for your inspiration. 🙂  This week I will start with the Sweet Valentine look.

Pretty pink makeup look


When I thought about this look I imagined a demure girlie girl with a whimsical style, almost Carrie Bradshaw-esque like that believes in love at first sight and holding hands.  This makeup look is certainly girlie with a soft pink palette on eyes, cheeks and lips, but not overpoweringly so.  It’s simply lovely.  Women often shy away from wearing pinks on their eyes, but I happen to think that a properly chosen shade of pink can be very flattering and feminine.  My trick to avoid making the eyes look sick when wearing pinks is to blend them with other colours and don’t judge how it looks until you do eyeliner and mascara.  Once you have an eyeliner that serves as a border between the eyeshadow and your eye ball, pink colour looks 10 times better, trust me.   Let’s get to the details, shall we?

Collage of photos for Sweet Valentine Makeup look



I evened out model’s skin with a creamy foundation that has medium coverage.  Since this is a going out look it’s ok to wear a bit more foundation to make sure the skin looks really even toned as long as it’s blended well. 🙂 I set the foundation with sheer powder to achieve this natural matte skin finish and lightly brushed the softest pink blush on the cheeks for a kiss of barely there colour.


To make sure the colours of the eyeshadows pop nicely I used a primer in a nude beige colour first to cover any lid discoloration that might interfere with the eyeshadows.  Then I applied a light pink colour eyeshadow all over the lid, a darker pink in the crease and a browny pink in the outer corner and smudged it on the bottom lash line as well.  I almost always brighten up the inner corner of the eyes with a light eyeshadow that is slightly (or very, depending on the look) shimmery.  The eyes were finished with a dark purple gel eyeliner to keep all the makeup in the same tones.


How to apply mascara

A big part of this look is to have these wide open innocent Bambi eyes, so I really focused on making the model’s eyes look more open.  There are few tricks to achieve this.  First, ALWAYS curl your lashes!  I meant it!  Unless you have curly lashes already, you will be amazed at a difference and will love the push up effect!  Yep, the push up effect is not just for a bra. 😉  When you curl your lashes, it will make them look longer and your eyes more open and bigger.  Now I know that a lash curler can look like a torture device and in the inexperienced hands it can certainly become one.  Here is how you want to use it not to hurt yourself and to achieve maximum impact.


Find a curler that works for your eye shape.  They are not all created the same, so try them out before you buy.  Always curl your lashes before you put on mascara.  You can risk breaking your lashes if you do it the other way around.  To curl – look straight in the mirror and bring the lash curler from under towards the eye so that your hand makes a slight dip approaching the eye. Practice getting the curler as close to the lash roots as you can without pinching your skin.  This will give you the most lifting and elongating effect.  Do a gentle test squeeze of the curler to make sure that you don’t have your skin caught and then pump the curler squeezing tight for about 5 seconds.  Open the curler, move up the length of your lashes and stop half way and curl again to give them a nice C-shape curl instead of a harsh L-shape one.

You can help your lashes stay curled when applying mascara by holding the wand horizontally and wiggling it back and forth and then pushing it up as you move the wand upwards.

Seems like such simple things, like curling lashes and putting mascara on them, but there is are these technique tips that make it more effective and easier!  I find it’s like that with most things in makeup and I love showing women all the tricks!  So if you are in Ottawa and would like to become a pro at your own makeup, check out my Educating page.


The lips were painted in pink (of course!) see-through glossy stain.  I didn’t want the opacity and heavier texture of the regular lipstick to keep the feel of this look light and playful.


Makeup products for Sweet Valentine look

MAC Eyeshadow Palette.  I love the fact that you can make your own palettes at MAC!  In case you didn’t know, you can purchase any of their regular permanent eyeshadows in pans that fit in the empty palette of 4 or 15 eye shadows.  In this palette I put together the following eyeshadows:  Vanilla – warm ivory, Yogurt – soft pale pink, Girlie (of course!) – rosy pink, Haux – soft muted rosy brown.

MAC Fluidline in Macroviolet.  My go to gel eyeliner that applies super smooth and has a finished look of a muted liquid liner.  It stays on really well with minimal smudging.  The best part is that you get to choose the brush to use with it depending on the effect you are going for.  This one is a beautiful deep smokey violet colour.

Shu Uemura Lash Curler.  If you type in google search Shu Uemura, the first thing that comes up is Lash Curler.  They set the standard many years ago and it is still one of the best on the market that has the least potential to hurt your eye and so easy to use.  Also seems to work for most eye shapes unless extremely hooded.  I still remember researching where I can get one since I couldn’t get it in Victoria, BC (where I lived at the time) and purchasing my first one on a trip to San Francisco.

Burberry Bold Lash Macsara in Ebony.  If you like high-impact mascara with lots of volume on the lashes (ahem, yes!) – this is the one for you!  The formula is creamy and very pigmented and the fibre brush has the perfect spacing between the bristles to coat lashes very thoroughly and generously in a super black bold finish.

Benefit Pin Up Lash.  This is the first time I purchased Benefit lashes.  I didn’t even know they make false lashes.  I came across them searching for a perfect lash for the amped up version of this Sweet Valentine look and this has certainly delivered!  They are multi-layered, so it looks like there are three different types of lashes placed on top of each other creating really fluffy dramatic effect without looking too heavy.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in Rose on the Rocks.  This product has a unique and pleasant texture – feels like water going on, so lightweight and cooling.  It has more colour intensity then a regular lipgloss with a mirror-like shine minus the sticky effect.  The glossy finish wears off but the colour stain stays for a long time.



I didn’t want to go darker on the eyes or on the lips to temper with the sweetness of this look, so I decided to pump up the lashes volume by adding dramatic false lashes and a swipe of black liner on top of them.  The difference with such a subtle change can be quite big, I think.   The eyes have an extra oomph to them without using darker or brighter eyeshadows.  Judge for yourself.

Pretty pink makeup


I wanted to mention my exciting partnership – starting with this look the very stylish and awesome girls at Vincent Boutique  will be providing my Beauty Series with stunning clothing that makes my wardrobe jealous.  I’m sure you have noticed how gorgeous the outfit for this look is!  You are lucky if you leave in Ottawa then you can check out them and their beautifully curated collections in their location on Preston, otherwise it’s online creeping, I mean shopping for the rest of you! 🙂   Here is some more eye candy…


The look for Valentine's Day - sweet and girlie

So here is my interpretation of the makeup look for the sweet and lovely romantic girl getting ready for her date on Valentine’s Day.  I hope you like it!  I hope you try it out!


And if you do, I would love to see it!  Don’t be shy, post your interpretation of the Sweet Valentine look here or on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ.

Come back next week to check out the second Valentine’s Day look in my Beauty Series!  And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration.

Have an effortless beauty day!

Let’s play!

Klava Z

Photos Throne Photography
Model Jenny D Models International Management
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Styling Toast Special Events
Clothing Vincent






#Iwokeuplikethis Natural Makeup Workshop June 17

natural makeup glowy skin Flawless-skin-model-201001 11377085_10153243632927559_298077512881831863_n

Sometimes my favourite makeup looks are the ones that don’t even look like makeup was a big part of the morning routine, but there she is: with luminous fresh skin, glowing in all the right places (because when it glows in wrong places we call it greasy), eyes are defined and stand out, brows are polished, there is a flush of youthful colour to the cheeks and lips are smooth with the perfect pink hue to them.  It’s not just about what you do with makeup, but how you apply it and what products you are using that makes a big difference.  And I will be talking about it, sharing the secrets and showing it all step by step at my makeup workshop #Iwokeuplikethis on June 17th at the Handmade Bride.

Natural makeup seminar workshop in Ottawa

What you will learn at my workshop:

Makeup that complements your features, while still being effortless.  How to do makeup that looks like it’s barely there but at the same time transforms you into your better version.  The version that looks like you get 10 hour beauty sleep every day, drink your green smoothie everyday, do yoga twice a day, don’t have any worries or concerns and have all the time in the world to laugh with your friends.   I will show you the best products to achieve this, how to apply them, the techniques, in what order, what tools to use for best results.

I’m very much into makeup that doesn’t take time.  My time in the morning is usually taken up by running after my 16 month-old adorable daughter, so “efficient” is the key word in my routine.  You will learn the tricks and shortcuts to achieving desirable effects.

It took me years at a beauty counter helping hundreds of women to find and perfect makeup techniques that work and I can’t wait to share them!  I will demystify highlighting, contouring and bronzing and show you the easy daytime appropriate way to do it (forget that 30 minute Youtube tutorial involving 3 different shades of concealer).

over exaggerated contouring and highlighting

How NOT to contour


You will also learn the latest summer beauty trends and how to easily incorporate them into your daily routine.   I will show you how you can add just one thing to your look to make it more fresh and current.

What to expect from my workshop:

It will be a fun summer beauty event with delicious catering by Gourmet, cocktails made for sharing with friends and a pop-up shop by Louche Lily.  It’s a trendy online Eco beauty boutique that carries the best natural and organic beauty products on the market.  Beauty without Sacrifice is their motto and I’m such a believer in it (as you will find out if you don’t know me already)!  Their products are carefully selected, maintaining the highest quality ingredients for your skin.  Simply put, the products must produce RESULTS, contain healthy ingredients and be luxurious to look at, to feel and ultimately to bring home for your vanity table.

Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes

Extra bonus will be having Lyz Plant – a world renowned makeup artist who has been practicing make up artistry for 15 years and a founder and CEO of Louche Lily at the event.  When not found behind a computer screen keeping up on the most savvy beauty trends for Louche Lily, you can most likely find Lyz Plant at any given Fashion Week, or in front of a possible celebrity or bride.  I have to admit, I have a bit (big!) of a crush on Lyz, her talent and her mastermind. 🙂  How amazing it will be to have her there to tell us about her favourite products that she tested out herself on numerous high-mantainance clients and to recommend makeup and skincare to my guests one-on-one!  I’m always searching for natural products that deliver, so I’m really looking forward to picking her brain.

The workshop will be held at The Handmade Bride boutique, which I like to visit once in awhile simply for inspiration, that’s how beautiful the space and dresses are.  Meaghan, the genius behind it, hand picks independent Canadian designers with Indie spirit for boutique’s dresses and accessories (fun bow-ties and lovely floral crowns among many others).   I love that they offer dress alterations not just on their own, but customers’ dresses bought elsewhere as well!

I know that by now the only thing you would like to know is where to buy the tickets to this fabulous event!  Follow this LINK at to register for the workshop and buy your tickets.

At the last makeup workshop I did women were telling me that if they knew it would be this much fun they would have brought friends.  Hint, hint.

makeup lesson, makeup semimar

Holiday Look Makeup Seminar

Can’t wait to see you at my summer beauty workshop!  I promise you will have an amazing time!  And maybe will get to be my model for one of the looks! 😉