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Pool Party Makeup Look - Klava Z Beauty
Beauty Series tutorial on how to do a Pool Party Makeup Look with bright coral lips using non-toxic products by Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z
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Pool Party Makeup Look

Ottawa best makeup artist Klava Z creates a Pool Party Makeup with bright coral lips using only green beauty products

Pool Party Makeup Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

It’s time for an Eco Makeup Look when I use only natural non-toxic products to create it!

Before we dive into the makeup world, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t posted a blog since June!!!  This summer has really kicked my ass in a best way possible, but I wasn’t prepared to be so busy.  So all my projects were put on hold so that I can focus on my lovely brides and keep sane.  My services were in high demand this wedding season, which was so amazing for my growing freelance business!  And not so great for everything else :).   I’m working on finding a better balance for the next wedding season.

Last weekend I finished my last wedding of the season and now can finally turn my attention back to these Beauty Series and makeup education, something that I really enjoy doing.  I have been doing lots of one-on-one makeup lessons, so if this is something you have been thinking about doing, check out my Educating page.

Speaking of summer – it was an incredibly hot one in Ottawa!  And even though we have been blessed with a beautifully warm fall, I’m already missing summer – the sun, the heat, the carefree clothing, the beach.  I really hope that you got to make the most of the summer!  Now I don’t have a pool, but I hoped to persuade one of my lucky friends who do to throw a pool party.  I think that pool parties are an upgrade from a standard BBQ party with so many possibilities for fun activities.  I never got around to talking somebody into it, so this Pool Party Makeup Look is reminiscing of shoulda coulda woulda.  It is also a great inspiration for an upcoming getaway vacation season.

Photoshoot for the eco Pool Party Makeup Look created by Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z



The last pool party I attended was in Vegas, so this look was inspired by that experience.  Beautiful swimwear and champagne were a must.  So was makeup.  Of course, I don’t advocate wearing a lot of makeup in the hot weather and by the water.  Too many chances of it melting off.  In the case where maximum impact is required with minimal product – bright colour lipstick is always a safe bet!  Warm tones of red, oranges are perfect for this look to complement the gold glistening of the body.  It’s gold, of course, because you have one of those body bling oils all over. 😉  The whole look is shiny and glossy with some golden highlights here and there.

Photoshoot for the eco Pool Party Makeup Look created by Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z


If you can get away without a foundation in the summer – skip it.  For this Pool Party Makeup Look I did use a tiny bit of glowy liquid foundation, Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, for a more polished finish.  I spread it as thin as possible using a dual-fibre flat topped brush, which is really great for a very natural application of the foundation.  The cheeks were imparted with a touch of gold shimmer with Ilia Illuminator in Sway that worked as a bronzer and highlighter at the same time.  I picked up the product from the cream stick with a smaller version of the dual-fibre flat topped brush (remember to choose the size of the brushes according the area of the face you will be using it on) and swirled it along the cheeks and cheekbones.


So simple and so perfect for this look.  A swipe of a light shimmery gold Eye Shadow in Fiji by 100% Pure all over the lid and especially in the inner corner for extra brightness.  Waterproof (of course!) mascara by Pacifica on the eyes.


Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z shows how to highlight the lips in the Pool Party Makeup Look created using only natural makeup.

Yes, there is even a highlight for lips!  Strobing has been huge, what can I say.   For those not sure what strobing is, it’s pretty much the same as highlighting, but a bit more intense.  I love lip highlighting to create an effect of a slightly more plump lip, it has this instant sexy effect.  And it’s very easy to do.  Choose your highlighting product – it can be a pencil (which is the most convenient for the lip area) or a creamstick or even a powder highlighter.  I lightly traced 100% Pure Cotton/Silk Dual-Ended Creamstick along and on top of the upper lip border, especially concentrating on the cupid bow area and also applied it in the middle of the lower lip.  Tip number one – do it before applying your lipstick, otherwise you run a risk of smudging your beautiful lipstick (unlike shown in my picture haha).  Tip number two – slightly smudge the highlighter with your finger, so that it doesn’t look like a line.


Lastly I applied a glossy coral-red lipstick Karma Chameleon by Ilia all over the lips, blotted it and applied again for more longevity.  Seal everything with a lipgloss for an extra shiny lip!  All ready for a pool party!


Non-toxic makeup products used in creating the Pool Party Makeup Look

I’m very lucky to have awesome friends!  One of those is Lyz Plant, an eco makeup artist, who have lend me her eco makeup kit in the past to play with her products on my photoshoots.  Until recently, she was running an online eco beauty boutique, which she decided to close for now in order to pursue other adventures and goals of her life.  All the products that I used in this Pool Party Makeup Look were available for purchase at her store.  Now that the store is closing, the stock is low, but the discount of 40% is pretty great!  So check out her store Louche Lily before it closes for liquidation deals on eco beauty products.

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation.  Light in texture and very breathable, which is essential for a summer foundation.  Very easy to blend, provides light coverage. The effect on the skin is of a soft radiance.  It has lovely ingredients like dry oils for a lightweight hydration and a Herbal Enlightenment Complex, to help sooth, calm and protect, as well as brighten.

Ilia Illuminator in Sway.  A multi-tasking cream stick that can be used anywhere on the skin or eyes.  It has a soft bronze colour with fine gold shimmer which results in a sublime sun-kissed glow that illuminates the skin.  A few different oils in this cream stick make sure that it glides on easily while giving their goodness to your skin.   Can be used with fingers or a brush and layered on top of the blush as well.

100% Pure Satin Eye Shadow in Fiji.  A creamy fruit pigmented eye-shadow in a nude-bronze colour with a soft golden sparkle.  It goes on velvety and blends effortlessly.  Whenever I read the ingredient list of 100% Pure products, I just want to eat them – they are that clean and full of antioxidants from fruit and herb extracts.  The only issue that some people can notice with these eye-shadows is some creasing, since it’s a bit creamy and moves easily.  Nothing a good eye-primer or re-adjusting with your fingertip can’t fix.

100% Pure Cotton/Silk Dual-Ended Creamstick.  I have been in love with this one since I tried it out for my Eco February Look, so check out my review on it here.

Pacifica Beauty Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara.  I have used this mascara in a few of my other Beauty Series looks.  This is a standard black mascara that defines lashes for a natural look.  The formula promises lots of length, but I didn’t find it added much to mine.  The mascara has a silicone wand, which I’m not a bit fan of, but that’s personal preference.  It is water-resistant, which makes it stay on well for a long time.  Make sure to have a good waterproof makeup remover to take it off.  I like the fact that it has lashes conditioning ingredients, like coconut oil because a lot of mascaras, especially water-resistant once, can dry out the lashes.

Ilia Karma Chameleon Lipstick Crayon.  This one has been in my personal makeup bag since the beginning of my journey into green beauty.  I have fun with its’ fiery coral colour, love the hydrating effect of coconut, sesame and cranberry seed oils on my lips and enjoy the ease of application of a crayon.  It glides on smoothly, have a slight glossy finish and stays on reasonably well for a hydrating lipstick.  The crayon applicator allows me to define my lips with more precision then regular lipstick, for a more clean finish.



Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z creates a Pool Party Makeup Look and shows how to glam it up using only organic makeup

Since the lips are already bright and fun, I thought that adding a smokey eye-liner for extra sultry definition of the eyes will do the trick.  I used one of the 100% Pure Dual-Ended Creamstick in darker colour to line top and bottom, focusing on the outer part of the eye.  The liner is applied thicker on the outer corner and tapers off towards the middle, leaving the inner part of the eye light.  I ran a pencil brush along the edges of the eye-liner to blend it out for a more smokey effect.  A difference in how the eyes pop more is pretty noticeable from left to right.  An easy update for a pool party that goes into the night. 😉

Sharon, my fabulous model for this look had so much fun shooting this that I can’t help but share a few more from this photoshoot!  Oh, I miss summer already!

Pool Party Makeup Photoshoot

Pool Party Makeup Photoshoot extras

I hope that you will have an opportunity to rock this eco Pool Party Makeup Look sometime soon.  Vegas, anyone?!

As always, if you are trying out any of the looks on my blog – please share here or on my Instagram  I would absolutely love to see it!  Feel free to follow me there too to see more of my work and what I’m up to!

Have an effortless beauty day!

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Model Sharon Philipose 
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Styling Toast Special Events
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