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Oncewed feature bridal photoshoot
Beautiful bridal photoshoot by Ottawa wedding vendors that was featured in OnceWed blog.
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Evening At The Manor Bridal Photoshoot

beautiful bridal makeup with brown smokey eyes by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

Evening At The Manor Bridal Photoshoot

Hello Beautiful!

I love participating in styled bridal photoshoots! That’s when I get to express my own creativity and create a bridal look all of my own. Of course, I still use the inspirational guidelines for the photoshoot, but unlike working with the real bride, I’m not limited by comfort level with makeup and her vision. I also love hanging out with all the talented Ottawa wedding vendors that come together to create something beautiful. Even though we all work in the same industry, we rarely get to spend time together during a busy wedding season.

When I was invited to take part in this bridal photoshoot set in a beautiful Manor in Merrickville – I jumped on the opportunity. First of all the list of vendors was amazing and the goal was to be featured in Once Wed wedding blog! And that’s a huge and ambitious goal which was coincidently a personal dream of mine! Once Wed is one of the top bridal blogs and they are very picky about who they let to grace the pages of their blog. I first heard about the blog after it was promoted by The Marketing Heaven. But, that only served them as an initial momentum, because the success they achieved after that is the result of a top quality content.

Lovely Cara, the owner and designer of Stor by Margo Jewelry was the mastermind behind the inspiration for this shoot, which was one of her stunning vintage bridal rings. To execute and bring her vision to life, Cara asked Brittany, the owner of Gloss Events and Decor to style the shoot. Brittany is such a delight to work with and to be around! She has one of those happy bubbly personalities that charms you as soon as you meet her!

She is constantly trying to create something new or inspire another. For this bridal photoshoot she really did make each element feel romantic, soft and rich. All the place setting elements were selected by mixing vintage pieces with sleek modern lines and soft flowing fabrics. Brittany used heirloom silver trays, goblets & cutlery and balanced them out with modern blush dinnerware, etched wine glasses and topped each with La Fabere stunning stationery & raw silk ribbons. The final look was stunning!

She also had a brilliant idea of adding a chandelier to the ruins to elevate the textured stone, modernize it and create a glamorous space for the beautiful couple. I remember how for my wedding all I wanted is a chandelier in a tree! Another element that was done differently is that instead of a cake she put together this delicious looking fruit platter – the colours and textures of which looked stunning in photos!

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t be on set for this bridal photoshoot! I recently had a baby and at the time of the shoot she was only 2 weeks old!!! I could barely stand for long enough to finish the makeup on the model! So the model came to me to get her makeup done instead. Oh, it killed me to not be there during the process! I was worried about possible touch ups needed or change of a look! When it comes to makeup – perfectionism is not an overkill because every little detail will show up in pictures!!! And as much as I can rely on post production of the photo editing, I would like it to give less work to the photographer and nail the look on my own, without the help of a photoshop. So I did my best and chose a look that is one of my favourites at the moment. Big blown out brown smokey eyes with big lashes, soft contouring and neutral lips.

I think everything came together so beautifully – a romantic wedding with an old world feel to it. There are so many details to ogle over – the silk ribbons, the table setting, the chandelier, the florals, the dress (where a decision was made after doing a thorough internet search into something like winnie couture bridal), the unique hair accessories (that were created by an Ottawa local talented hairstylist Kirsty from Topknot Hairstyling). So go ahead, check it out and take it all in and hopefully you will get inspired! There is lots of stunning wedding inspiration in these photos!

P.S. The day this stunning bridal photoshoot was featured on Once Wed I was beyond excited and so grateful for the amazing work of everyone on this team!


Klava Z

Awesome Vendors:
Photographer Charlotte Northrope
Styling and Decor Gloss Events and Decor
Jewelry Stor by Margo Jewelry
Stationary and Ribon La Fabere
Florals Pollen Nation Floral Studio
Hair and Hair Accessories Topknot Hairstyling
Makeup Klava Z
Bridal Gowns Willow & Sasha by Made with Love Bridal available at Revelle Bridal Boutique
Groom suit L’Hexagone Menswear
Featured Couple: Stephanie Larocque & Mathew Bertrand


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beautiful bridal makeup brown smokey eyes by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

beautiful bridal makeup brown smokey eyes by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

beautiful wedding table set up by Gloss Events and Decor Ottawa

bride and groom vintage wedding

vintage wedding bride and groom

vintage wedding table set up

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vintage bridal ring

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wedding inspiration bride and groom

bride and groom vintage wedding

vintage wedding bride and groom

bridal photoshoot

beautiful bridal makeup with brown smokey eyes by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

stunning bridal dress

beautiful bridal makeup by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

Wedding florals

Bride with a long vintage veil

beautiful bridal makeup with brown smokey eyes by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

beautiful bridal makeup with smokey brown eyes by Ottawa's wedding makeup artist Klava Z

bridal photshoot

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