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A Makeup Lesson is the perfect opportunity to take your beauty skills to a
whole new level!

Women are just expected to know makeup! And so many
diligently do it every day without much understanding what
works for their unique features or what products to use.
A makeup lesson with Klava Z artists takes the guesswork
out of beauty. You’ll learn tools and techniques that will have
you excited about makeup! Discover products that are perfect
for you, or even just learn how to use what’s already in your makeup
bag to look your best. Your two-hour lesson will help
step up your beauty game and feel confident about your own
fresh approach to creating your perfect look.


Feel stuck with the same look.

Aren’t sure what kind of makeup will enhance their features.

Dread getting ready to go out.

Don’t know a first thing about makeup.

Are bored with their current look, but not sure how to change it.

Feel overwhelmed with all the beauty products in store.

Have many products in their makeup bag, but don’t know how to use them.

Want to learn a certain makeup look, but don’t know how to make it work for their features.

“My speciality is teaching effortless makeup that doesn’t take too long, because who really has the time?
I’m all about efficiency and effectiveness with a bit of fun!

I don’t just show a pretty makeup look, but also go over the basic theory that makes it easier to understand what works in makeup and create your own looks in the future.  The lessons are interactive so that you have a chance to practice what you are learning right away! Plus you will walk away with a face-chart of the look we have created so that you can use it at home for easy reference

With your personal makeup lesson you will:

— Learn new techniques

— Explore different tools, colours and best products for you

— Master the basics Makeup 101

— Try out the latest trends and make them work for you

— Discover a new style and approach to your everyday or going-out look

— Experience a full makeover

— Receive a personal face-chart – a paint by numbers cheat sheet to take home for reference

— Assess your makeup bag to figure out what works for you and what are not the best products for your needs

— Or even go on a personal shopping tour with Klava and let her pick the perfect products for YOU!


All one-on-one makeup lessons can be hosted in studio, on location or in the comfort of your own home.*


Learn a whole new way to do your makeup! Discover tools and techniques to improve and diversify your beauty routine.


$249 for 2 hours


Learn makeup basics, a natural everyday look and how to easily turn it into a more dramatic or night look.


$299 for 2,5 hours


Learn makeup basics, day to night look in depth or focus on full glam look.


*Your friend or mom would like to join in on the fun?  Add a second person for a total fee of $350/400 depending on the what you want to learn.


*add on MAKEUP SHOPPING for only $149 (up to an hour)


Ready to make the switch to organic natural makeup? Get the same great personal makeup lesson, but with 100% focus on eco beauty and products.  Same pricing as for a regular Personal Lesson applies.


starting at $500

Are you an emerging makeup artist? Or do you just love experimenting with different looks?  Curious about what it takes to become a makeup artist?  Master a new level of skill to become more advanced in your techniques and more creative with different looks; learn how to create the most asked for bridal looks; learn about best products to build a great professional makeup kit with; get insight into the business side of things.  Two hours minimum and up to three hours.  Can be customized to a few lessons depending on how much you want to learn. 


$250 for 1,5 hour

when booked on it’s own


when booked with one of our lessons

Time to go shopping with your own professional beauty expert! This service is available on it’s own or as an addition to your beauty lesson. Do a makeup store tour with Klava Z. as your personal shopper.  Replenish your makeup kit with confidence! Get products you love, that are perfect for YOU and elevate your look. 




ADULTS $700 4-7 people

Sometimes getting ready with your girlfriends is the best part of the night!
Get the girls together to explore new looks and the latest trends. This package is
tailored to accommodate the group size and includes a fun, interactive lesson in beauty.
We will cover the basics with Makeup and Skincare 101, and learn how to do a look of your choice,
like a Day/Office Natural Look, Glam Night Out with Smokey Eyes, or Highlighting & Contouring,
or Vintage Cat Eyeliner and Red Lips… just a few ideas to start with.


TWEENS / TEENS $500 4-7 people


A perfect gift for a birthday!  This is the age to learn makeup basics to set

a foundation for all their future makeup exploration!  We will cover Makeup 101,

how to take care of their skin, how to experiment with trendy looks while customizing

them to their unique features, age appropriate day or going-out makeup look.


*Extra fees will apply for each additional guest after 7 people.