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Do you require a minimum amount of people for booking?


Usually during the busy wedding season we only accept bookings for a group of minimum 4 people but we do sometimes make exceptions for groups who need to be ready earlier or later than normal. Also, if your wedding date is only a month or two away it does sometimes happen that we end up some time available so please check with us!


Is there a maximum amount of applications you can do?


It usually depends on your timeline but there is no maximum amount of people per say. Most of the artists on the team feel comfortable doing 6 people per wedding on their own but we can always add on a second artist or assistant if you have a bigger group or a tight timeline.


Do you offer airbrush makeup?


Right now none of the artists on our team are offering airbrush makeup.


How far in advance should I book my bridal makeup artist?


As far in advance as possible, we do tend to fill up quickly! Even if we haven’t officially opened up bookings for the year you are getting married, we would be happy to pencil you in so you get first dibs on the date when we do start accepting bookings.


What is required to book my wedding date?


To officially book your wedding date we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total balance and a signed contract.


Will you come to me on my wedding day?


Yes! All of the artist on the team are happy to come to you on your special day.  In fact we encourage to have just one “getting ready” location instead of going for hair to one place and for makeup to another to avoid extra stress of coordinating and travel on already busy day.  Travel and parking fees might apply for certain locations.  Please send us an email with your getting ready address so we can give you a quote.


Can I bring my own false lashes?


Absolutely! A pair of false lashes are complimentary with any bridal booking and for your friends/family we do offer lashes for purchase on the day of the wedding for $15+hst for a full strip and $20 for individual/cluster lashes. If you prefer to bring your own we can apply them for $10+hst.


Can you accommodate my allergies/skin sensitivities?


All of the artists on the team are very experienced working with allergies and skin sensitivities. A few of our artists even offer special kits filled with eco or vegan makeup which are often a great option for sensitive skin!


For brides with allergies or sensitive skin we always recommend doing a trial a little earlier than normal so we can make sure the products we use on your wedding day will work for you.


Do I need a trial/consultation?


Our recommendation is always to do a trial, but in the end it’s up to you, of course. 🙂

A few things to consider:

– We cannot guarantee or be held accountable for any allergic reactions or any complications from the makeup or the application if a prior consultation was not performed.

– There might not be an opportunity to redo the makeup in case you don’t like the color choices or makeup style on the day of the event.

– Makeup is such a personal thing that it’s not a question of our skills (thank you for trusting us) but more of your personal style and your comfort zone.  Having a trial will give you a chance to experiment with styles and looks before committing on the day of your wedding.


Can I book a trial before booking?


We completely understand that you would like to have a trial first before committing to booking our services to make sure that you find the right makeup artist that can create the perfect bridal makeup look for YOU. Please send us an email so we can set up a date as soon as possible!  Trial fee without a confirmed booking is $130+hst.


When should I schedule my trial?


Our recommendation is to do it 2-3 weeks before the wedding.  This way all the details are fresh in both of our minds. Klava Z offers trials on weekday mornings and afternoons but the other artists on the team have a wider availability sometimes if you need!


Will the makeup last all day?


In order to make the makeup last we use only the highest quality professional makeup, like primers, long wearing foundations and setting spray; and special layering techniques.


Unfortunately, even the most long wearing lipstick and foundation will wear off after all the kissing, talking, eating and drinking so we always recommend that clients have a lipstick and powder for touch ups, especially if your skin tends to be a bit oily!


For the bride who is really particular about her face looking flawless in every picture there is an opportunity to hire a makeup artist for the day to follow her around and provide touch ups as needed.  Take a look at our Day to Night Allure package for this service.


What brands of makeup do you use?


Every artists on the team has their own blend of brands in her kit but we use only high end, quality products.  The brand’s of makeup Klava Z uses are mostly MAC, Armani, Burberry and then a few products from Makeup For Ever, Laura Mercier and Smashbox, etc.  She is working on expanding her professional kit with more eco makeup options.


If you are interested in eco makeup Lyz offers a full kit of professional eco products that over time she has tested for their quality and longevity.


How long does makeup application take?


We set aside an hour for a bride and 45 min per bridesmaid.  We also like to schedule 30 min buffer time to account for all kinds of distractions.  


Do you offer group discounts?


We don’t offer group discounts per say however the cost of a bridal application is less if you have other attendants for makeup as well. 🙂


When is my payment due and how can I pay?


We require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking and the final payment two days prior to your wedding date.  At the moment we are set up to accept cash or e-transfer only! Gratuity and false lashes (that were not included in the contract) are paid on the day of directly to your makeup artist.


What does my artist need on the day of?


In the room where you would like the makeup done it would be great if the artist can have space with natural light, by a window is perfect but it is also important that there is enough room for people to move around. Please let us know if there is a high bar stool or chair available. If not, no worries, we will bring our own! It is important that there is a desk or workspace for your makeup artist to use to lay out her products.