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Everyday #EffortlessbyKlavaZ Beauty Series
Look#1 Wakeup Makeup

Everyday #EffortlessbyKlavaZ Beauty Series
Look#1 Wakeup Makeup

Hello beautiful!

And so my Everyday #EffortlessbyKlavaZ Beauty Series begin with Look#1 Wakeup Makeup! Everyday #EffortlessbyKlavaZ is a weekly makeup series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural looks for everyday life.

Collage before and after

I’m really excited to start this project that will hopefully be a source of inspiration for your everyday makeup. My mission with this beauty series is to provide variety of natural looking makeup ideas that women are excited to try on themselves! They are looks that anyone can create using something like Korean Makeup from Rojank or high end products. Because natural doesn’t have to be the same old boring. After working at various cosmetic counters for the past 8 years I heard the same story from so many women – how they are stuck in the makeup rut and don’t know how to do something different. Every week I will be posting a makeup look that is inspired by what’s happening in our everyday lives. I think makeup should be fun! It’s the way we accessories our faces and can be used to show our personality or mood. Makeup is a tool for self-expression and reinvention. I love the romance of makeup… how you can feel innocent and cute one day, and vamp the next day.

Since I had my lovely daughter 2 years ago I started to really appreciate makeup that doesn’t take long to do but has me feeling and looking my best. Of course, sometimes when I’m getting ready for a special occasion, I love spending 30 minutes on getting all glamed up. The reality of most women in now days busy lives is that we don’t have that kind of time every morning. I will be showing and breaking down how to create makeup looks that take 10-15 (sometimes even 5) minutes to finish and what products to use. I will also show how to add a bit of drama and amp up the look with a simple tweak.

As a professional makeup artist I enjoy playing with all kinds of different makeup, but the everyday fresh natural beauty looks are the ones that I gravitate to the most. Choosing the right makeup artist for any occasion can make all the difference to how you feel throughout the day. If you ever need the services of a professional makeup artist, you may want to click here for more information. Getting help from people who know what they are doing can save you a lot of time when it comes to deciding on your makeup look and trying out something new. We all have our personal preference at the end of the day. When it comes to the look in the photo, it’s that kind of a makeup look that is natural looking, sometimes with a hint of glam, bringing the best features and natural beauty out. It’s that effortless beauty that lets yourself shine! I love teaching women how to do it at my masterclasses!

I hope you will join me in this beauty journey and add a fun element in your morning to look forward to! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration.


The first look in #EverydayEffortless Beauty Series is Wakeup Makeup.

Wakeup Makeup Collage, behind the scenes doing makeup, makeup products

I love January! It’s the promise of new that always makes me smile! New Year, new adventures, new goals and the whole idea of starting fresh in the new year. However, as much as my mind is excited for new things to come, my body feels a bit run down and in need of purging after all the holiday fun; purging the bad habits and my body after overindulging. I kind of feel the same way about my makeup routine. I have done my duty with sparkles, red lips and smokey Xlash styled eyes for all the holiday events I’ve attended and now craving for a fresh looking face. This makeup look is all about brightening the face and infusing subtle colour, hiding the evidence of too much partying and not having time to properly take care of myself. It’s sort of like instant detox effect. We know that it it will take awhile before our skin will start showing the results of detoxing with green smoothies, no sugar diets and extra yoga classes. So this is a great look to cheat and look fabulous right away while you are waiting for the results of your hard work of detoxing show up on your face. So let’s wake up our faces with this beautiful makeup look!

Wakeup Makeup look is focused on flawless radiant skin, pinched looking cheeks and rosy lips. I love how this rose lip and blush colour instantly brightens the whole face! This tone that’s not too warm or cool is flattering on most skin tones.


To achieve this look start with prepping your skin with an appropriate for your skin type moisturizer. One of the most important steps of your makeup is taking care of the canvas its going on to. You will hear me saying this a lot: “If your skin looks good, everything else will look good!” So never skip this first step. In this cold season that’s harsh on the skin it’s a good idea to add a hydrating serum or a heavier duty moisturizer.

Pick a foundation that is lightweight, hydrating, natural looking and adds a bit of glow to the skin. You can apply it with fingers or brush, whichever you are used to, focusing on the centre of the face and wherever else you need the coverage. Try to use as little as you can get away with so that your actual skin shows through.


Everyday #EffortlessbyKlavaZ Wakeup Makeup Look Rosy flushed cheeks

Use a blush in a rose tone. The placement of the blush is important and is the focus of my technique tip for this look. Smile to pop the apples of the cheeks and swirl the blush right in the middle blending in circles, making the circles bigger to blend out the edges. I used a dual fibre brush that is flat topped so that I can really buff in the colour to get intensity but with soft and blended edges, so it doesn’t look like a child has drawn circles on your cheeks. I will be posting a short video of this technique on my Instagram

No need for lots of makeup on the eyes, just define them with a neutral peachy colour eyeshadow and a bit of mascara. I used cream product for the eyes to get that natural glistening skin look. Use a light skin-tone colour eye-liner in the lower waterline to brighten the eyes. This is a great trick for tired looking eyes! Finish the look with a swipe of a creamy rose coloured lipstick.

You will feel and look awake, refreshed and pretty with this makeup!


Here are the key products I used to achieve this beautiful look.


Burberry Light Glow Rose Blush #03. The texture is a dream to apply, it is finely milled, super smooth and easy to blend! The colour is slightly warm pink with a hint of sheen.

Burberry Kisses Lipstick Blush #77. Burberry cosmetic products are superior in texture (I wouldn’t expect anything less from this high-end brand). This gel textured lipstick is moisturizing, feel weightless on the lips, has a great colour pay of with a satin finish and stays on well. This is one of my go-to colours for brides – it’s just so pretty on the variety of skin tones!

MAC Cream Color Base Hush. This is a multi-tasking powerhouse – the ways to use it are endless – eyes, skin highlight, cheeks, anything really! The colour is the softest peachy cream with a pearl finish.

La Biosthetique Belavance Pencil For Eyes in Marble Silk. This is the only product I have from this French cosmetics line as it was a random purchase at a beauty supply store. It is a perfect nude colour with a hint of pink to use on the waterline. The texture is not too soft, so it doesn’t slide in the slippery area.

MAC Dual Fibre Brush #187. Stippling, dual fibre brush with dark firmer bristles on the bottom and white softer fibres on the top with a flat edge. It is great to use with pigmented products if you want to tone down the intensity. It’s a bigger brush, so great for bronzer application. Also can be used to apply liquid products, like foundation, for sheer coverage.



This effortless look works for so many occasions. If you would like to amp up the intensity you can add a neutral mid-tone brown eye-shadow all over the lids and as a bottom liner, like the model in this picture. I also swiped a bit of coral-brown eye-shadow in the crease to warm up the eyes and to stay with the brightening theme of the look.

Let me know if you try this look out and how did you like it. You can post your version of Wakeup Makeup Look #1 here or on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ. I would love to see how you did it! And don’t be shy to ask questions about this look! I also do makeup lessons and masterclasses, so if you are in Ottawa and would like to become a pro at your own makeup, check out my Educating page.

I hope that you will stick around and get inspired by my Beauty Series! This is just to give you ideas and get you excited about trying something new for you. My only rule is – if you like what you see in the mirror that’s all that matters when it comes to makeup. 🙂

Have an effortless beauty day!

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I’m a makeup artist and an educator, striving to bring the latest trends and a sparkle of fun to weddings and special occasions. I’m a mother that is passionate about conscious living, green beauty and finding balance in my life.

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