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Eco Makeup Look - Casual Neutrals - Klava Z Beauty
Beauty Series tutorial on how to do a monochromatic eco Casual Neutral Makeup Look in taupe colours using non-toxic products by Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z
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Eco Makeup Look – Casual Neutrals

Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created a casual neutral eco makeup look using only natural organic products

Eco Makeup Look – Casual Neutrals

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

It’s time for an Eco casual neutral makeup Look of the month when I use only natural non-toxic products to create it!

Once in awhile I need alone time to contemplate whatever is brewing on my brain or to get away from it!  😉  It’s hard to get a quiet alone time in the house with a toddler, so I head out for a walk.  Sometimes I really enjoy taking a stroll outside in a rain.  I’m not talking about heavy downpour, of course.  However, there is something extra calming and peaceful about walking in the soft drizzle of the rain or right after it.  The smells, the cloudy sky and darkened colours really set the mood for a relaxed walk.  This is the scenario I had on my mind while creating this casual neutral eco makeup look.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created an eco casual neutral makeup look using only natural organic products



When I’m heading out for a quiet walk, I’m not going to spend time putting on a lot of makeup, but I do want to look put together.  Nothing bright or distracting, just a casual swipe of colour here and there on the face.  When I was choosing colours for this casual eco makeup look I thought about how it always gets darker outside and everything gets a cast of cool tones from the grey clouds.  The tones of this makeup are neutral taupes on eyes, lips and cheeks, creating a monochromatic look.  I like monochromatic looks because there is no need to think which colours look good together, they will work for sure since they are from the same colour family.  Also neutral taupe colours are flattering on most skin tones, as long as you adjust the intensity of the colour to the darkness of the skin tone.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created an eco casual neutral makeup look using only natural organic products



Choose a complexion product that is sheer and is just enough to make the skin look even toned without looking like you have any makeup on at all.  BB creams and tinted moisturizers are great for this.  No need for perfection – this is a casual look.  I used a liquid foundation, warmed it up in my hands and applied a very sheer layer mostly in the centre of the face.



Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created an eco casual neutral makeup look using only natural organic products

I love accentuating my already prominent Russian cheekbones. 🙂  Here is a great tip for when you want not only to have some colour on the cheeks but also define the bone structure of your cheekbones.  You don’t need to use special products if you are just doing a natural contouring effect, not the heavy contoured look.

Pick a blush that has earthy-pink or mauve tones.  Apply a bit on the brush.  I usually swirl the brush a few times on the blush surface to make sure I have a good and even amount on it.  Start the application on the outer part of the face, where the cheekbone connects to the ear.  Wherever you touch your brush first, that’s where the colour will be the darkest.  Bring the brush along the bottom part of cheekbones and slightly under, moving towards the middle of the face.  Blend the colour by going over it with the brush in circular motions, especially focusing on the apple of the cheek area.


Eyes were easy peasy using an eye-shadow stick that I love so much for its convenience.  I smudged a light taupe colour all over the eyelids, blended the edges in the crease and worked in a darker shade on the outer corner and that’s it!  I only needed a bit of colour on the eyes.  Plus mascara, of course!  Can’t leave the house without it unless you are blessed with thick black lashes. 🙂


A swipe of a brown-pink lipgloss in a tone close the actual lip colour finishes the look.


Natural organic makeup products Klava Z Ottawa makeup artist used in creating the Eco Casual Neutral Makeup LookSappho Organics Liquid Foundation and Dalish Cosmetics Concealer – both are in my personal makeup bag and I have raved about them on multiple occasions in my blog.  Check out the Sweater Weather eco makeup look that have my reviews on these two products.

Mineral Fusion Blush in Airy.  A great blush with all kinds of skin nourishing ingredients in it and lot’s of “free” to be happy about.  Like parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, talc and gluten free.  It feels silky as it’s finely milled, which is a great plus in my books because a lot of mineral makeup out there feels a bit grainy and doesn’t go on as smooth.  It is also well pigmented and has a soft shimmer to it that adds a bit of glow to the skin.  The shade is muted brownish pink that works as a neutral universal colour.

100% Pure Dual Ended Eyestick in Champagne/Chocolate.  I got this one in my April Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and already did a review on this Eyestick in a different colour in my Eco February makeup look.  As for the colours – they are a beautiful light and dark duo, but I would’t call them champagne or chocolate.  They definitely have cool undertones and I haven’t see a lot (actually none) of greyish champagnes or chocolates out there.

Pacifica Naturals Mineral Mascara Aquarian in Abyss.  This is a standard black mascara that defines lashes for a natural look.  The formula promises lots of length, but I didn’t find it added much to mine.  The mascara has a silicone wand, which I’m not a bit fan of, but that’s personal preference.  It is water-resistant, which makes it stay on well for a long time, but also means that you need to put a bit of effort when taking it off.  I like the fact that it has lashes conditioning ingredients, like coconut oil because a lot of mascaras, especially water-resistant once, can dry out the lashes.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lipgloss in Currant.  I have been curious about this Canadian brand for awhile!  It gets rave reviews and I was happy to have an excuse to try it out.  The colour is a sheer nude plumy pink that can go with just about anything!  Leaves lips feeling nourished with coconut, mango, and strawberry; infused with seven fruit oils.   These ingredients also make it smell and taste yummy!  It doesn’t feel sticky and looks juicy and wet on the lips.



Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created an eco casual neutral makeup look using only natural organic products

I added only two things, but you can see in this picture the instant impact that it has on the makeup.  I used the Chocolate colour of the Eyestick along the upper (thicker towards the outer corner) and lower lash line and smudged it for a softer finish.  Then I used a dark pink lip pencil to pop the lips a bit more and applied the same lipgloss overtop.  That’s it, you are ready to face the world in your casual neutral makeup look!



I hope this inspires you to try out natural toxin-free makeup and play with different looks.  And if you do, I would love to see it!  Don’t be shy, post your interpretation of this look here or on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ.

Perhaps you will be interested in creating a perfect casual look tailored for you – then contact me to set up a one-on-one makeup lesson. 🙂

Next week in my Beauty Series I will be showing you how to create a professional makeup look with a fun element.  And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration.

Have an effortless beauty day!

Let’s play!

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