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Ottawa best makeup artist Klava Z creates a Pool Party Makeup with bright coral lips using only green beauty products

Pool Party Makeup Look

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to Everyday Effortless Beauty Series by Klava Z, which is a beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

It’s time for an Eco Makeup Look when I use only natural non-toxic products to create it!

Before we dive into the makeup world, I wanted to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t posted a blog since June!!!  This summer has really kicked my ass in a best way possible, but I wasn’t prepared to be so busy.  So all my projects were put on hold so that I can focus on my lovely brides and keep sane.  My services were in high demand this wedding season, which was so amazing for my growing freelance business!  And not so great for everything else :).   I’m working on finding a better balance for the next wedding season.

Last weekend I finished my last wedding of the season and now can finally turn my attention back to these Beauty Series and makeup education, something that I really enjoy doing.  I have been doing lots of one-on-one makeup lessons, so if this is something you have been thinking about doing, check out my Educating page.

Speaking of summer – it was an incredibly hot one in Ottawa!  And even though we have been blessed with a beautifully warm fall, I’m already missing summer – the sun, the heat, the carefree clothing, the beach.  I really hope that you got to make the most of the summer!  Now I don’t have a pool, but I hoped to persuade one of my lucky friends who do, to throw a pool party.  I think that pool parties are an upgrade from a standard BBQ party with so many possibilities for fun activities.  I never got around to talking somebody into it, so this Pool Party Makeup Look is reminiscing of shoulda coulda woulda.  It is also a great inspiration for an upcoming getaway vacation season.

Photoshoot for the eco Pool Party Makeup Look created by Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z



The last pool party I attended was in Vegas, so this look was inspired by that experience.  Beautiful swimwear and champagne were a must.  So was makeup.  Of course, I don’t advocate wearing a lot of makeup in the hot weather and by the water.  Too many chances of it melting off.  In the case where maximum impact is required with minimal product – bright colour lipstick is always a safe bet!  Warm tones of red, oranges are perfect for this look to complement the gold glistening of the body.  It’s gold, of course, because you have one of those body bling oils all over. 😉  The whole look is shiny and glossy with some golden highlights here and there. Read this post from CamAdvisers

Photoshoot for the eco Pool Party Makeup Look created by Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z


If you can get away without a foundation in the summer – skip it.  For this Pool Party Makeup Look I did use a tiny bit of glowy liquid foundation, Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, for a more polished finish.  I spread it as thin as possible using a dual-fibre flat topped brush, which is really great for a very natural application of the foundation.  The cheeks were imparted with a touch of gold shimmer with Ilia Illuminator in Sway that worked as a bronzer and highlighter at the same time.  I picked up the product from the cream stick with a smaller version of the dual-fibre flat topped brush (remember to choose the size of the brushes according the area of the face you will be using it on) and swirled it along the cheeks and cheekbones.


So simple and so perfect for this look.  A swipe of a light shimmery gold Eye Shadow in Fiji by 100% Pure all over the lid and especially in the inner corner for extra brightness.  Waterproof (of course!) mascara by Pacifica on the eyes.


Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z shows how to highlight the lips in the Pool Party Makeup Look created using only natural makeup.

Yes, there is even a highlight for lips!  Strobing has been huge, what can I say.   For those not sure what strobing is, it’s pretty much the same as highlighting, but a bit more intense.  I love lip highlighting to create an effect of a slightly more plump lip, it has this instant sexy effect.  And it’s very easy to do.  Choose your highlighting product – it can be a pencil (which is the most convenient for the lip area) or a creamstick or even a powder highlighter.  I lightly traced 100% Pure Cotton/Silk Dual-Ended Creamstick along and on top of the upper lip border, especially concentrating on the cupid bow area and also applied it in the middle of the lower lip.  Tip number one – do it before applying your lipstick, otherwise you run a risk of smudging your beautiful lipstick (unlike shown in my picture haha).  Tip number two – slightly smudge the highlighter with your finger, so that it doesn’t look like a line.


Lastly I applied a glossy coral-red lipstick Karma Chameleon by Ilia all over the lips, blotted it and applied again for more longevity.  Seal everything with a lipgloss for an extra shiny lip!  All ready for a pool party!


Non-toxic makeup products used in creating the Pool Party Makeup Look

I’m very lucky to have awesome friends!  One of those is Lyz Plant, an eco makeup artist, who have lend me her eco makeup kit in the past to play with her products on my photoshoots.  Until recently, she was running an online eco beauty boutique, which she decided to close for now in order to pursue other adventures and goals of her life.  All the products that I used in this Pool Party Makeup Look were available for purchase at her store.  Now that the store is closing, the stock is low, but the discount of 40% is pretty great!  So check out her store Louche Lily before it closes for liquidation deals on eco beauty products.

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation.  Light in texture and very breathable, which is essential for a summer foundation.  Very easy to blend, provides light coverage. The effect on the skin is of a soft radiance.  It has lovely ingredients like dry oils for a lightweight hydration and a Herbal Enlightenment Complex, to help sooth, calm and protect, as well as brighten.

Ilia Illuminator in Sway.  A multi-tasking cream stick that can be used anywhere on the skin or eyes.  It has a soft bronze colour with fine gold shimmer which results in a sublime sun-kissed glow that illuminates the skin.  A few different oils in this cream stick make sure that it glides on easily while giving their goodness to your skin.   Can be used with fingers or a brush and layered on top of the blush as well.

100% Pure Satin Eye Shadow in Fiji.  A creamy fruit pigmented eye-shadow in a nude-bronze colour with a soft golden sparkle.  It goes on velvety and blends effortlessly.  Whenever I read the ingredient list of 100% Pure products, I just want to eat them – they are that clean and full of antioxidants from fruit and herb extracts.  The only issue that some people can notice with these eye-shadows is some creasing, since it’s a bit creamy and moves easily.  Nothing a good eye-primer or re-adjusting with your fingertip can’t fix.

100% Pure Cotton/Silk Dual-Ended Creamstick.  I have been in love with this one since I tried it out for my Eco February Look, so check out my review on it here.

Pacifica Beauty Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara.  I have used this mascara in a few of my other Beauty Series looks.  This is a standard black mascara that defines lashes for a natural look.  The formula promises lots of length, but I didn’t find it added much to mine.  The mascara has a silicone wand, which I’m not a bit fan of, but that’s personal preference.  It is water-resistant, which makes it stay on well for a long time.  Make sure to have a good waterproof makeup remover to take it off.  I like the fact that it has lashes conditioning ingredients, like coconut oil because a lot of mascaras, especially water-resistant once, can dry out the lashes.

Ilia Karma Chameleon Lipstick Crayon.  This one has been in my personal makeup bag since the beginning of my journey into green beauty.  I have fun with its’ fiery coral colour, love the hydrating effect of coconut, sesame and cranberry seed oils on my lips and enjoy the ease of application of a crayon.  It glides on smoothly, have a slight glossy finish and stays on reasonably well for a hydrating lipstick.  The crayon applicator allows me to define my lips with more precision then regular lipstick, for a more clean finish.



Ottawa Makeup Artist Klava Z creates a Pool Party Makeup Look and shows how to glam it up using only organic makeup

Since the lips are already bright and fun, I thought that adding a smokey eye-liner for extra sultry definition of the eyes will do the trick.  I used one of the 100% Pure Dual-Ended Creamstick in darker colour to line top and bottom, focusing on the outer part of the eye.  The liner is applied thicker on the outer corner and tapers off towards the middle, leaving the inner part of the eye light.  I ran a pencil brush along the edges of the eye-liner to blend it out for a more smokey effect.  A difference in how the eyes pop more is pretty noticeable from left to right.  An easy update for a pool party that goes into the night. 😉

Sharon, my fabulous model for this look had so much fun shooting this that I can’t help but share a few more from this photoshoot!  Oh, I miss summer already!

Pool Party Makeup Photoshoot

Pool Party Makeup Photoshoot extras

I hope that you will have an opportunity to rock this eco Pool Party Makeup Look sometime soon.  Vegas, anyone?!

As always, if you are trying out any of the looks on my blog – please share here or on my Instagram  I would absolutely love to see it!  Feel free to follow me there too to see more of my work and what I’m up to!

Have an effortless beauty day!

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Klava Z

Photos Throne Photography
Model Sharon Philipose 
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Styling Toast Special Events
Clothing Vincent
Eco Makeup Products Louche Lily


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created a clean and fresh pretty pink pastel makeup look inspired by spring beauty trends.

Spring Pastels Makeup Look – Refreshing Pinks

Welcome to Everyday Effortless by Klava Z, which is a beauty series showing you how to do flawless, fresh, fun and natural makeup looks for everyday life.

This week I will show you how to achieve a fresh, clean and cute pink pastel makeup look that I called Spring Pastels.

Finally spring is here, though it took awhile for it to come to Ottawa.  I’m starting to seriously consider my husband’s continuous suggestions that we should move somewhere warm permanently.  Though I feel that I wouldn’t appreciate the season’s switch as much if I didn’t have the contrast of cold days of winter.

It’s already May and we are just seeing a bit of green peaking out of the buds on the trees.  Every spring these young bright green little leaves make me want to sing out loud anticipating the wonderful warm days of summer!  I’m eagerly awaiting the weather to finally settle on warm, so that I can switch to my spring/summer wardrobe.  And together with my wardrobe I will be switching my makeup too.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created a clean and fresh pretty pink pastel makeup look inspired by spring beauty trends.



This past fall and winter I really got into wearing deep pink and burgundy or nude tones on the lips, so I’m looking forward to changing my makeup towards light bright and fun options.  Without fail every year there is a spring fashion and beauty trend that features pastels and floral patterns of some sorts.  This season’s trends along with timid pops of colour of the first spring flowers here and there have inspired me to create this minimalistic pink pastel makeup look with just a hint of pink on the eyes and, you guessed it, pastel pink lips and cheeks.  This is a great option if you want to add a hint of girly to a nude makeup look.

As always I try to create looks within this Beauty Series that are easy and fast to execute and this is definitely one of those.  Pat on the eyes, flick of the mascara wand, blend the BB cream, swirl on the blush and slick on the lipstick and you are done!  If you have time for a few extra details like sneaky eyeliner and brightened waterline – great!  These tricks make the eyes stand out more.  If you would like to learn more techniques and become a pro at your own makeup then see me for a private makeup lesson.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created a clean and fresh pretty pink pastel makeup look inspired by spring pastels.



Apply a complexion product of your choice to achieve an even-toned skin with a natural finish.  If you have any blemishes or red spots – cover them up with a concealer over top of your foundation and blend together.  Since the colours of the makeup are subtle, the skin will be noticed more then if there was a more dramatic makeup look, so you want to make sure that it looks flawless.

After your skin is looking perfect – apply a light pink blush on the apples of the cheeks and along the front part of the cheekbones for a soft colour that looks like it’s just peeking through your skin.


I like to use cream eye-shadows, especially long-wearing ones, because they can be used as a primer for your powder eye-shadow for more longevity.  I also love that they are easy to apply and blend with fingers.  I liberally applied a pinky-nude cream eye-shadow Painterly Paintpot by MAC to the whole eyelid area for an even opaque (no skin showing) layer all over.


I heard another artist calling it a sneaky liner and I like this name better. 🙂 I have discovered sneaky liner out of necessity.  I have very blond lashes and I never liked that look of seeing blonde roots after mascara is applied.  Tightlining takes care of that.  It gives the eye almost an eye-liner like definition without having to apply an eye-liner!  Sneaky, right?  Added bonus – the lashes will look thicker as well because they will be darker in the base.  Now that I have convinced you that you need to do tightlining, here is how to do it.


Beautiful pink pastel makeup look created by Klava Z Ottawa makeup showing how to do tightlining.

There are two ways to get to the base of the lashes: either gently place a finger on the lid and pull it up so that that the waterline of the upper lid is visible or tilt the head back and open the eyes wide until you can see the upper waterline in the mirror.  Using a black waterproof eye-liner apply in short strokes to cover the waterline and also in between the lashes until you don’t see any skin between them but only pencil.  Don’t be shy, dig it in to cover everything thoroughly but please don’t poke yourself.

It is important to choose a pencil that is REALLY waterproof and sets fast because you don’t want black smudging on the bottom waterline and running into the inner corners as well.  Especially since in this look the bottom waterline is actually lined with a nude colour pencil to brighten up the eyes a bit and make them look more open.  Now that’s a great trick for covering any redness on the lower waterline.  I used a concealer pencil but a white, nude, light pink or light gold colour could also work well.


The lips were painted with a Barbie pink lipstick and a layer of creamy pink lip gloss was added to mute the colour of the lipstick and make it more pastel-like.


Here is what I used to achieve this look.

To create Pink Pastel Makeup Look Klava Z Ottawa Makeup Artist used Burberry and MAC cosmetics

Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner in Jet Black.  This is a retractable pen with exceptional colour payoff that has a built-in sharpener (so handy).  It is described as a long lasting waterproof eye-liner and it is certainly that!  This is one of the few pencils I will trust the job of staying on my waterline.  Sometimes it does need to be warmed up a bit on the hand first for a smoother glide.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly.   This is a creamy high-pigmented long-wearing eyeshadow that sets to an intense finish.  It blends super smoothly and creates buildable coverage.   It doesn’t streak or crease even on my oily eyelids for good 8 hours.  I actually use this formula everyday in different colours as my eyeshadow primer or as an eyeshadow on its own.

Burberry Curve Lash Mascara in Ebony.  I haven’t tried this mascara out myself, only on the models a few times, so I can’t talk much about the formula.  It seemed to build decent volume on the lashes.  I did like the brush – it is small and designed to coat even the most delicate lashes – making it ideal for shorter, flatter lashes.

MAC Chromographic Pencil NC15/NW20.  It’s almost like a concealer in a creamy pencil that glide on easily and smoothly.  This flesh-toned shade works really well on the lower waterline to open up and brighten the eye.

Burberry Cheek Glow Blush in Misty.  This lightweight powder blush can really enhance the look of skin with its subtle healthy radiance.  It is ultra-blendable and buildable which makes it a breeze to apply.  Usually I really dislike brush applicators that come in blush compacts as most of those stiff synthetic brushes will not provide a smooth application.  This one is made out of natural hair and is great for touch ups.  The colour is a pale, light-medium pink with subtle cool undertones and a matte finish.

MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in Tease Me.  A hybrid between a pencil and a lipstick this product glides on smooth for a rich and matte finish.  It has an intense impact of a lipstick and the ease of application of a pencil.  I like using chubby pencils like this on my lips because I can be more precise with the application.  I really like the fun Barbie pink colour of this lip pencil!

Burberry Kisses Gloss in Fondant Pink.  It is important to me that a lipgloss feels comfortable on the lips – and this one does, it’s completely non-sticky and I can feel it’s hydrating properties on the lips right away.  The finish is super shiny and buildable, so that I can start with just a subtle dewy finish and intensify for an extra wet look.  It’s a light creamy pink gloss.




Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created a clean and fresh pretty pink pastel makeup look with pink lips and pistachio eyeshadows inspired by spring beauty trends.


Since the eyes were pretty much nude, that’s where I decided to add more makeup to give this look a bit of a twist.  I wanted to stay with the pastel tones to keep the softness of this look, so I added a seafoam-grey eyeshadow to the eyes.  A few years ago I went through a stage of wearing different shades of cool toned green colours, like pistachio, seafoam or muted turquoise and creating this look made me want to wear them again.  I applied the eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eyelid and blended it along and above the crease.  A muted grey pencil was used along the upper lash line, a bit on the outer part of the lower lash line and winged out ever so slightly to enhance the almond eye shape of the model.


Ottawa makeup artist Klava Z created a clean and fresh pretty pink pastel makeup look inspired by spring beauty trends.


And here it is – a spring inspired pink pastel makeup look.  I hope you will give it a try!  It’s a fun one!  Don’t forget to snap and picture of yourself and post your interpretation of this look on Instagram with a tag #EffortlessbyKlavaZ.

Come back soon to check out the next new look and tips on how to achieve it!  And in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator for everyday makeup inspiration and to see what I’m up to.

Have an effortless beauty day!

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Klava Z

Photos Throne Photography
Model Stephanie Laliberte
Hair TopKnot Hairstyling by Kirsty MacDonald
Styling Toast Special Events
Clothing Vincent
makeup, defined brows, bright red lip, no mascara look

Mascara free – can it be?

I have some good news for those of us who were less fortunate in the lash department.  Myself included.  And no, it’s not that lash extensions are a great way to fake what nature was a little skimpy about.  That’s old news, obviously.  I’m talking about that along the big trend of lash extensions, mink falsies and general obsession with bigger thicker lashes (thank you K.K. and JLo) I’m noticing an emerging trend of natural, understated and sometimes completely bare (sometimes even on *gasp!* blond) lashes.  I have a set of those – blonde, wispy and practically see-through.  The last adjective was generously offered by the lash extension specialist the only time I did it.

So it really grabbed my attention when I started to spot beauty images from fashion weeks across the world with bare lashes.  As I was going through the images of backstage beauty SS 2015 as well as FW 2015 I saw that many designers opted for either really natural or no mascara looks.



But this trend has started a few years ago and growing strong now.  A testament to this is that some celebrities are trying it out at red carpet events, like Uma Thurman.

celebrity no mascara look, red lips

Uma Thurman

Is it the kind of a look that only Cara Devigne and the like can pull off on the catwalk and not applicable in real life?  It’s definitely a certain statement and has a more editorial feel to it, but it’s doable and can be pretty.

bold lips no mascara look, strong brows, makeup

Cara Delevingne
Love this lip colour!

I like the feeling that a beauty look with natural lashes conveys.  There is certain softness, understated confidence and modern freshness to it.

To pull off this look in real life, make sure to have a bold feature in your makeup look whether it’s a bright pop of gorgeous colour on the lips or strong brows and keep your skin fresh looking.

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t try it out myself: I compensated my bare lash look with a stronger than usual brow and a gorgeous warm shade of red. And I actually went to a meeting like that.  I loved it, my husband – not so much. Though I think he was more put off by my stronger than usual brows than the lack of mascara. 🙂

makeup, defined brows, bright red lip, no mascara look

Yours truly
(ah, car selfies)

Don’t’ get me wrong – I love luscious lashes like everyone else and maybe more, so I’m not ditching my mascara anytime soon.   But once in awhile it’s so refreshing to have the freedom of not having to apply multiple layers of mascara and knowing that you can still look put together and stylish. It’s fun to try something different!

Let me know if you tried it or better yet – post some fabulous pictures of yourselves.

Let’s Play!


#Iwokeuplikethis Natural Makeup Workshop June 17

natural makeup glowy skin Flawless-skin-model-201001 11377085_10153243632927559_298077512881831863_n

Sometimes my favourite makeup looks are the ones that don’t even look like makeup was a big part of the morning routine, but there she is: with luminous fresh skin, glowing in all the right places (because when it glows in wrong places we call it greasy), eyes are defined and stand out, brows are polished, there is a flush of youthful colour to the cheeks and lips are smooth with the perfect pink hue to them.  It’s not just about what you do with makeup, but how you apply it and what products you are using that makes a big difference.  And I will be talking about it, sharing the secrets and showing it all step by step at my makeup workshop #Iwokeuplikethis on June 17th at the Handmade Bride.

Natural makeup seminar workshop in Ottawa

What you will learn at my workshop:

Makeup that complements your features, while still being effortless.  How to do makeup that looks like it’s barely there but at the same time transforms you into your better version.  The version that looks like you get 10 hour beauty sleep every day, drink your green smoothie everyday, do yoga twice a day, don’t have any worries or concerns and have all the time in the world to laugh with your friends.   I will show you the best products to achieve this, how to apply them, the techniques, in what order, what tools to use for best results.

I’m very much into makeup that doesn’t take time.  My time in the morning is usually taken up by running after my 16 month-old adorable daughter, so “efficient” is the key word in my routine.  You will learn the tricks and shortcuts to achieving desirable effects.

It took me years at a beauty counter helping hundreds of women to find and perfect makeup techniques that work and I can’t wait to share them!  I will demystify highlighting, contouring and bronzing and show you the easy daytime appropriate way to do it (forget that 30 minute Youtube tutorial involving 3 different shades of concealer).

over exaggerated contouring and highlighting

How NOT to contour


You will also learn the latest summer beauty trends and how to easily incorporate them into your daily routine.   I will show you how you can add just one thing to your look to make it more fresh and current.

What to expect from my workshop:

It will be a fun summer beauty event with delicious catering by Gourmet, cocktails made for sharing with friends and a pop-up shop by Louche Lily.  It’s a trendy online Eco beauty boutique that carries the best natural and organic beauty products on the market.  Beauty without Sacrifice is their motto and I’m such a believer in it (as you will find out if you don’t know me already)!  Their products are carefully selected, maintaining the highest quality ingredients for your skin.  Simply put, the products must produce RESULTS, contain healthy ingredients and be luxurious to look at, to feel and ultimately to bring home for your vanity table.

Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes

Extra bonus will be having Lyz Plant – a world renowned makeup artist who has been practicing make up artistry for 15 years and a founder and CEO of Louche Lily at the event.  When not found behind a computer screen keeping up on the most savvy beauty trends for Louche Lily, you can most likely find Lyz Plant at any given Fashion Week, or in front of a possible celebrity or bride.  I have to admit, I have a bit (big!) of a crush on Lyz, her talent and her mastermind. 🙂  How amazing it will be to have her there to tell us about her favourite products that she tested out herself on numerous high-mantainance clients and to recommend makeup and skincare to my guests one-on-one!  I’m always searching for natural products that deliver, so I’m really looking forward to picking her brain.

The workshop will be held at The Handmade Bride boutique, which I like to visit once in awhile simply for inspiration, that’s how beautiful the space and dresses are.  Meaghan, the genius behind it, hand picks independent Canadian designers with Indie spirit for boutique’s dresses and accessories (fun bow-ties and lovely floral crowns among many others).   I love that they offer dress alterations not just on their own, but customers’ dresses bought elsewhere as well!

I know that by now the only thing you would like to know is where to buy the tickets to this fabulous event!  Follow this LINK at to register for the workshop and buy your tickets.

At the last makeup workshop I did women were telling me that if they knew it would be this much fun they would have brought friends.  Hint, hint.

makeup lesson, makeup semimar

Holiday Look Makeup Seminar

Can’t wait to see you at my summer beauty workshop!  I promise you will have an amazing time!  And maybe will get to be my model for one of the looks! 😉

pretty natural makeup

Blogging – what’s in it for me and for you?

pretty natural makeup

Welcome to my blog!

I have a Facebook page for my makeup artistry already at Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator, but I always felt limited in the amount I can share in the Wall updates.  Maybe I just talk too much, but I’m hoping that I actually have something to say about makeup, beauty and life that will be interesting to other people as well! 🙂  Be warned, that sometimes I like to express myself with long sentences, and I blame my Russian roots for it.

You’ll see a bit of everything in this blog.  I want to share my experiences and experiments, the projects that I’m involved in, and the work that I create.  I’m really passionate about conscious cosmetics, skin care and health care in general that is in sync with mother nature and nurturing our bodies, as opposed to making us beautiful on the outside but silently hurting on the inside.  As I find products that are in line with this philosophy I will make sure to rave about it.  And anything else that inspires me and my creativity!

I don’t want to write a lot about myself as there is plenty of that on the “about” page.  I’m very passionate about makeup and have been living my passion for the last 8 years.  My favourite kind of makeup is beauty, the kind that enhances a woman’s face without overpowering it, the kind that brings out the best features forward and leaves a woman looking glowing and radiant.  Not to say that I don’t like to play and have fun and experiment!  Makeup allows us to play dress up with our faces!

I’m starting this blog in the time of change in my life, as I’ve recently became a mother and am embarking on the adventurous journey of a freelance makeup artist after working for other companies, like MAC and Armani Cosmetics.  Nothing is certain in the near future and that is very exciting for me I hope you will join me on my journey Check out some sports bonuses on IBETNetwork