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My name is Klava Zykova and I’ve lived in France, China, Seattle, Victoria and Ottawa since leaving Russia at 22. If my life were a movie, it would be a romantic-comedy-adventure.

I LOVE what I do…. and I’m not going to tell you it all started while playing with my mother’s makeup as a child.

It was only after becoming a professional makeup artist that I became comfortable leaving the house without makeup. My story is, I didn’t think I was pretty enough. I used makeup to hide my flaws, idealizing that one “perfect” image of beauty and believing I didn’t have it myself.

After traveling extensively and applying makeup on women, I realized there is no “one” image of beauty.  What worked in one country I quickly discovered could be distasteful in another.  At the same time, in every country, every woman has imperfections and a one-of-a-kind radiance about them. This freed me from seeing makeup as a necessity, to seeing it as a tool for creative expression. For me, makeup is an opportunity to embody the many facets of beauty we have inside of us!


Holistic Beauty


For purely selfish reasons, I would like to be healthy, live long and take care of my family. I’m passionate about all things green and organic and continually expanding our selection of clean, organic beauty options to create a healthier makeup application for all my clients at curb your hunger cravings. Creating beautiful skin is my number one priority as a makeup artist. I take a holistic approach, educating on natural wellness and eco skincare products so my clients can achieve vitality and luminosity in their everyday lives.




As a makeup artist with vast and diverse experience, I’m comfortable creating many different types of makeup.  However, throughout my career I noticed that the clients that I attracted most were brides and I realized that it perfectly aligns with the kind of makeup look I LOVE to create the most.  I approach bridal beauty by first focusing on recreating the elements of vitality so that the bride looks like the best version of herself – bright eyes, smooth radiant skin, luscious lips.  You know how we look like when we are happy, healthy, well taken care of and in love – that’s the look I’m going for!  That’s the look I became known for and what people come to me for – natural looking enhancement of brides’ beautiful features with perfect skin ranging from barely there makeup to soft glam.


Today, I am settled in Ottawa with my family of two lovely daughters and my funny, easy going husband. I enjoy yoga daily, dance classes, practicing herbology, escaping on the occasional road trip and connecting with nature.


I can’t wait to meet you and create your perfect beauty look!


– xoxo Klava Z.





Calm and steady, could be a professional organizer and declutter, always early, cat lover – those furry creatures really steal her heart.

After playing with makeup on her own, Janelle started her professional makeup career at Sephora 4 years ago. There she quickly developed the skills that helped her stand out as an artist and shortly became one of their youngest Senior Artists.  Once Janelle started doing bridal makeup it has become a great passion of hers and favourite kind of makeup to create!

Always serious and committed about developing her talent, she attended many masterclasses, the most memorable being Emmy winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, and Jordan Liberty.  Janelle loves creating all styles of makeup from super natural to full glam drama.

Klava Zykova is an award-winning makeup artist and one of the most sought-after bridal beauty expert in Ottawa.

She is known for her expertise in creating beautiful skin, previously representing Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Mac over her 12-year career.

As an educator, Klava contributes guest editorials to beauty publications and leads seminars on makeup techniques, organic beauty and emerging trends.

Klava is available for private makeup lessons, group seminars and industry masterclasses.

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