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Mascara free – can it be?

makeup, defined brows, bright red lip, no mascara look

Mascara free – can it be?

I have some good news for those of us who were less fortunate in the lash department.  Myself included.  And no, it’s not that lash extensions are a great way to fake what nature was a little skimpy about.  That’s old news, obviously.  I’m talking about that along the big trend of lash extensions, mink falsies and general obsession with bigger thicker lashes (thank you K.K. and JLo) I’m noticing an emerging trend of natural, understated and sometimes completely bare (sometimes even on *gasp!* blond) lashes.  I have a set of those – blonde, wispy and practically see-through.  The last adjective was generously offered by the lash extension specialist the only time I did it.

So it really grabbed my attention when I started to spot beauty images from fashion weeks across the world with bare lashes.  As I was going through the images of backstage beauty SS 2015 as well as FW 2015 I saw that many designers opted for either really natural or no mascara looks.



But this trend has started a few years ago and growing strong now.  A testament to this is that some celebrities are trying it out at red carpet events, like Uma Thurman.

celebrity no mascara look, red lips

Uma Thurman

Is it the kind of a look that only Cara Devigne and the like can pull off on the catwalk and not applicable in real life?  It’s definitely a certain statement and has a more editorial feel to it, but it’s doable and can be pretty.

bold lips no mascara look, strong brows, makeup

Cara Delevingne
Love this lip colour!

I like the feeling that a beauty look with natural lashes conveys.  There is certain softness, understated confidence and modern freshness to it.

To pull off this look in real life, make sure to have a bold feature in your makeup look whether it’s a bright pop of gorgeous colour on the lips or strong brows and keep your skin fresh looking.

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t try it out myself: I compensated my bare lash look with a stronger than usual brow and a gorgeous warm shade of red. And I actually went to a meeting like that.  I loved it, my husband – not so much. Though I think he was more put off by my stronger than usual brows than the lack of mascara. 🙂

makeup, defined brows, bright red lip, no mascara look

Yours truly
(ah, car selfies)

Don’t’ get me wrong – I love luscious lashes like everyone else and maybe more, so I’m not ditching my mascara anytime soon.   But once in awhile it’s so refreshing to have the freedom of not having to apply multiple layers of mascara and knowing that you can still look put together and stylish. It’s fun to try something different!

Let me know if you tried it or better yet – post some fabulous pictures of yourselves.

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