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Blogging – what’s in it for me and for you?

pretty natural makeup

Blogging – what’s in it for me and for you?

pretty natural makeup

Welcome to my blog!

I have a Facebook page for my makeup artistry already at Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator, but I always felt limited in the amount I can share in the Wall updates.  Maybe I just talk too much, but I’m hoping that I actually have something to say about makeup, beauty and life that will be interesting to other people as well! 🙂  Be warned, that sometimes I like to express myself with long sentences, and I blame my Russian roots for it.

You’ll see a bit of everything in this blog.  I want to share my experiences and experiments, the projects that I’m involved in, and the work that I create.  I’m really passionate about conscious cosmetics, skin care and health care in general that is in sync with mother nature and nurturing our bodies, as opposed to making us beautiful on the outside but silently hurting on the inside.  As I find products that are in line with this philosophy I will make sure to rave about it.  And anything else that inspires me and my creativity!

I don’t want to write a lot about myself as there is plenty of that on the “about” page.  I’m very passionate about makeup and have been living my passion for the last 8 years.  My favourite kind of makeup is beauty, the kind that enhances a woman’s face without overpowering it, the kind that brings out the best features forward and leaves a woman looking glowing and radiant.  Not to say that I don’t like to play and have fun and experiment!  Makeup allows us to play dress up with our faces!

I’m starting this blog in the time of change in my life, as I’ve recently became a mother and am embarking on the adventurous journey of a freelance makeup artist after working for other companies, like MAC and Armani Cosmetics.  Nothing is certain in the near future and that is very exciting for me!

I hope you will join me on my journey!


  • Alessandra/ 28.07.2015Reply

    Not like I need anymore ideas for posts (still have too many drftas that are not yet completed), but this is nonetheless and awesome post and a great resource for any blogger.I wish I would have thought of this idea

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