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makeup, defined brows, bright red lip, no mascara look

Mascara free – can it be?

I have some good news for those of us who were less fortunate in the lash department.  Myself included.  And no, it’s not that lash extensions are a great way to fake what nature was a little skimpy about.  That’s old news, obviously.  I’m talking about that along the big trend of lash extensions, mink falsies and general obsession with bigger thicker lashes (thank you K.K. and JLo) I’m noticing an emerging trend of natural, understated and sometimes completely bare (sometimes even on *gasp!* blond) lashes.  I have a set of those – blonde, wispy and practically see-through.  The last adjective was generously offered by the lash extension specialist the only time I did it.

So it really grabbed my attention when I started to spot beauty images from fashion weeks across the world with bare lashes.  As I was going through the images of backstage beauty SS 2015 as well as FW 2015 I saw that many designers opted for either really natural or no mascara looks.



But this trend has started a few years ago and growing strong now.  A testament to this is that some celebrities are trying it out at red carpet events, like Uma Thurman.

celebrity no mascara look, red lips

Uma Thurman

Is it the kind of a look that only Cara Devigne and the like can pull off on the catwalk and not applicable in real life?  It’s definitely a certain statement and has a more editorial feel to it, but it’s doable and can be pretty.

bold lips no mascara look, strong brows, makeup

Cara Delevingne
Love this lip colour!

I like the feeling that a beauty look with natural lashes conveys.  There is certain softness, understated confidence and modern freshness to it.

To pull off this look in real life, make sure to have a bold feature in your makeup look whether it’s a bright pop of gorgeous colour on the lips or strong brows and keep your skin fresh looking.

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t try it out myself: I compensated my bare lash look with a stronger than usual brow and a gorgeous warm shade of red. And I actually went to a meeting like that.  I loved it, my husband – not so much. Though I think he was more put off by my stronger than usual brows than the lack of mascara. 🙂

makeup, defined brows, bright red lip, no mascara look

Yours truly
(ah, car selfies)

Don’t’ get me wrong – I love luscious lashes like everyone else and maybe more, so I’m not ditching my mascara anytime soon.   But once in awhile it’s so refreshing to have the freedom of not having to apply multiple layers of mascara and knowing that you can still look put together and stylish. It’s fun to try something different!

Let me know if you tried it or better yet – post some fabulous pictures of yourselves.

Let’s Play!


#Iwokeuplikethis makeup workshop information

#Iwokeuplikethis Natural Makeup Workshop June 17

natural makeup glowy skin Flawless-skin-model-201001 11377085_10153243632927559_298077512881831863_n

Sometimes my favourite makeup looks are the ones that don’t even look like makeup was a big part of the morning routine, but there she is: with luminous fresh skin, glowing in all the right places (because when it glows in wrong places we call it greasy), eyes are defined and stand out, brows are polished, there is a flush of youthful colour to the cheeks and lips are smooth with the perfect pink hue to them.  It’s not just about what you do with makeup, but how you apply it and what products you are using that makes a big difference.  And I will be talking about it, sharing the secrets and showing it all step by step at my makeup workshop #Iwokeuplikethis on June 17th at the Handmade Bride.

Natural makeup seminar workshop in Ottawa

What you will learn at my workshop:

Makeup that complements your features, while still being effortless.  How to do makeup that looks like it’s barely there but at the same time transforms you into your better version.  The version that looks like you get 10 hour beauty sleep every day, drink your green smoothie everyday, do yoga twice a day, don’t have any worries or concerns and have all the time in the world to laugh with your friends.   I will show you the best products to achieve this, how to apply them, the techniques, in what order, what tools to use for best results.

I’m very much into makeup that doesn’t take time.  My time in the morning is usually taken up by running after my 16 month-old adorable daughter, so “efficient” is the key word in my routine.  You will learn the tricks and shortcuts to achieving desirable effects.

It took me years at a beauty counter helping hundreds of women to find and perfect makeup techniques that work and I can’t wait to share them!  I will demystify highlighting, contouring and bronzing and show you the easy daytime appropriate way to do it (forget that 30 minute Youtube tutorial involving 3 different shades of concealer).

over exaggerated contouring and highlighting

How NOT to contour


You will also learn the latest summer beauty trends and how to easily incorporate them into your daily routine.   I will show you how you can add just one thing to your look to make it more fresh and current.

What to expect from my workshop:

It will be a fun summer beauty event with delicious catering by Gourmet, cocktails made for sharing with friends and a pop-up shop by Louche Lily.  It’s a trendy online Eco beauty boutique that carries the best natural and organic beauty products on the market.  Beauty without Sacrifice is their motto and I’m such a believer in it (as you will find out if you don’t know me already)!  Their products are carefully selected, maintaining the highest quality ingredients for your skin.  Simply put, the products must produce RESULTS, contain healthy ingredients and be luxurious to look at, to feel and ultimately to bring home for your vanity table.

Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes

Extra bonus will be having Lyz Plant – a world renowned makeup artist who has been practicing make up artistry for 15 years and a founder and CEO of Louche Lily at the event.  When not found behind a computer screen keeping up on the most savvy beauty trends for Louche Lily, you can most likely find Lyz Plant at any given Fashion Week, or in front of a possible celebrity or bride.  I have to admit, I have a bit (big!) of a crush on Lyz, her talent and her mastermind. 🙂  How amazing it will be to have her there to tell us about her favourite products that she tested out herself on numerous high-mantainance clients and to recommend makeup and skincare to my guests one-on-one!  I’m always searching for natural products that deliver, so I’m really looking forward to picking her brain.

The workshop will be held at The Handmade Bride boutique, which I like to visit once in awhile simply for inspiration, that’s how beautiful the space and dresses are.  Meaghan, the genius behind it, hand picks independent Canadian designers with Indie spirit for boutique’s dresses and accessories (fun bow-ties and lovely floral crowns among many others).   I love that they offer dress alterations not just on their own, but customers’ dresses bought elsewhere as well!

I know that by now the only thing you would like to know is where to buy the tickets to this fabulous event!  Follow this LINK at to register for the workshop and buy your tickets.

At the last makeup workshop I did women were telling me that if they knew it would be this much fun they would have brought friends.  Hint, hint.

makeup lesson, makeup semimar

Holiday Look Makeup Seminar

Can’t wait to see you at my summer beauty workshop!  I promise you will have an amazing time!  And maybe will get to be my model for one of the looks! 😉

pretty natural makeup

Blogging – what’s in it for me and for you?

pretty natural makeup

Welcome to my blog!

I have a Facebook page for my makeup artistry already at Klava Zykova Makeup Artist and Educator, but I always felt limited in the amount I can share in the Wall updates.  Maybe I just talk too much, but I’m hoping that I actually have something to say about makeup, beauty and life that will be interesting to other people as well! 🙂  Be warned, that sometimes I like to express myself with long sentences, and I blame my Russian roots for it.

You’ll see a bit of everything in this blog.  I want to share my experiences and experiments, the projects that I’m involved in, and the work that I create.  I’m really passionate about conscious cosmetics, skin care and health care in general that is in sync with mother nature and nurturing our bodies, as opposed to making us beautiful on the outside but silently hurting on the inside.  As I find products that are in line with this philosophy I will make sure to rave about it.  And anything else that inspires me and my creativity!

I don’t want to write a lot about myself as there is plenty of that on the “about” page.  I’m very passionate about makeup and have been living my passion for the last 8 years.  My favourite kind of makeup is beauty, the kind that enhances a woman’s face without overpowering it, the kind that brings out the best features forward and leaves a woman looking glowing and radiant.  Not to say that I don’t like to play and have fun and experiment!  Makeup allows us to play dress up with our faces!

I’m starting this blog in the time of change in my life, as I’ve recently became a mother and am embarking on the adventurous journey of a freelance makeup artist after working for other companies, like MAC and Armani Cosmetics.  Nothing is certain in the near future and that is very exciting for me!

I hope you will join me on my journey!