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My name is Klava Zykova and I’ve lived in France, China, Seattle, Victoria and Ottawa since leaving Russia at 22. If my life were a movie, it would be a romantic-comedy-adventure. I LOVE what I do. And I’m not going to tell you it all started while playing with my mother’s makeup as a child.


It was only after becoming a professional makeup artist that I became comfortable leaving the house without it. My story is, I didn’t think I was pretty enough. I used makeup to hide my flaws, idealizing that one “perfect” image of beauty and believing I didn’t have it myself.


After traveling extensively and applying makeup on women, I realized there is no one image of beauty. Everyone has imperfections and a one-of-a-kind radiance about them. This freed me from seeing makeup as a necessity, to seeing it as a tool for creative expression. For me, makeup is an adventure; an opportunity to take risks, try new things and to embody the many facets of beauty we have inside of us!




Fashion isn’t the only thing that changes season to season and year to year. New definitions of beauty are continuously emerging all around us. I learned this myself having to adapt my own daily makeup routine when I moved from Russia, to France, to China, to Canada. What worked in one country I quickly discovered could be distasteful in another. Keeping on top of the trends worldwide allows me to offer a fresh, current perspective to my work. This is what excites me about makeup. I am enthralled by the trends, soaking up the latest in fashion and beauty almost daily. For each look I create, all this creative insight and inspiration is channeled to perfectly align with the client’s vision. No two looks are the same. And why should there be when there are so many dimensions of beauty to explore and each canvas is unique?


For purely selfish reasons, I would like to be healthy, live long and take care of my family. I’m passionate about all things green and organic and working towards being able to offer a number of organic beauty options to create a healthier makeup application for all my clients.


Today, I am settled in Ottawa with my family of two lovely daughters and my funny, patient husband. I enjoy yoga daily, my hip-hop dance classes, practicing herbology, escaping on the occasional road trip and reconnecting with nature.

I can’t wait to meet you and create your perfect beauty look!


Let’s play!

– Klava Z.


Klava Zykova is the Lead Makeup Artist for Burberry Beauty in Ottawa, previously representing Giorgio Armani and MAC over her 10-year career. She has given more than 200 brides their glow and created looks for countless special occasions, runway shows and editorials. As an Educator, Klava contributes to a few publications and leads seminars on makeup techniques and emerging beauty trends. She is also available to private makeup lessons, group seminars and masterclasses.


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